FBI Targets Scammers Posing as Minors to Target Would-Be Pedophiles


The title pretty much says it all. Citizens pretending to be minors engaging in explicit online conversations with adult men and then attempting to blackmail the victims. Is this a case where two wrongs make a right?

No. Blackmail is a sin by itself, and it can’t be excused by “The victims are all icky people.” The blackmailers are criminals who have simply targeted victims who wouldn’t dare report them because of the circumstances under which they were conned. Then, when they’re caught, they wrap themselves in the flag, claiming that they were doing it “for the children.”

Please. If that were true, they would’ve contacted the police with the relevant information so the pedophiles could be arrested. Instead, they kept stealing from them (and letting the pedophiles stay in society, continuing their own depradations). The children are certainly not better off.

This is contrasted with things like the TV show that sets up fake trysts between adult men and (the men think) underage girls, then turns the men over to the police when they show up planning to commit statutory rape. In that case, the TV show isn’t committing an independent crime, and the pedophiles are in fact arrested. The children end up safer as a result.

Perhaps, but the fact that people would watch such drivel on television is evidence of the depraved minds of many Americans. Who would choose something like that for entertainment? The news is bad enough. The people who make those “reality” shows do it for the money. The good that may come of it doesn’t change that fact.

I understand, but the truth is that all TV producers are in it for the money. That doesn’t make any particular show good or bad. The point I was making is that it’s one thing to create a show that catches pedophiles and turns them over to the police; it’s another thing entirely to prey on them through blackmail without turning them over to the police. One is morally acceptable; the other is not.

Yes, blackmailing a pedophile doesn’t stop that person from committing actual crimes. The first step to doing that is to turn the information over to the police. The blackmailers are simply parasites. They get rich off of someone’s shame, without actually protecting children.

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