FBI will not collect Page, Strzok messages on personal accounts, despite top GOP lawmaker's request

FBI will not collect Page, Strzok messages on personal accounts, despite top GOP lawmaker’s request
By Alex Pappas, Brooke Singman | Fox News
An FBI official says the bureau is not working to collect messages between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, despite the request to do so from a top Republican senator as well as evidence suggesting they communicated about “work-related” matters on non-FBI accounts. . . .
. . . "Thus, the FBI has not requested from Ms. Page or Mr. Strzok any information from their personal email accounts, nor as the FBI conducted searches of non-FBI-issued communications devices or non-FBI email accounts associated with Mr. Strzok or Ms. Page,” he said.
In a Friday letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray obtained by Fox News, Grassley encouraged the bureau to obtain the messages.
“The work-related communications on nongovernment systems could shed more light on how the FBI handled the Clinton investigation and would constitute federal records that the FBI would be obligated to retrieve and preserve under the Federal Records Act,” Grassley said.
The Justice Department last week released a series of redacted Strzok-Page text messages to congressional committees. The messages show the FBI officials repeatedly referring to personal accounts, like “gmail” and “imsg” — short for the text message system on iPhones, iMessage.
“Can I imsg a work q?” Strzok texted Page on April 5, 2017.
The following day, Strzok texted: “Hey clear gmail…”
Strzok added in a later text, “Sent something to your gmail, work-related. Think I’m going to pull here and send to [Michael] Kortan…” . . .


i get more disappointed in the FBI every day. where is Efrem Zimbalist Jr. when you need him?


He was on tv last night. His poor blind wife was being held hostage by Alan Arkin.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist…:wink:)z

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yes, that was a good movie he was in, but years ago he also was in a tv series about the FBI which i remember watching.

The FBI has become the enforcement wing of the Democrat Party.


Page and Strzok have both resigned now from the FBI. what happens next?

i do not trust the FBI anymore.

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Can you give a source for this? Google is not friendly to this claim.

Here is the Lisa Page source:

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thanks for posting MonteRCMS.

Yes, lots on this, but anything on Strzok?

I wonder if Page still had her full security clearance?

I wonder if Strzok still does?

James Baker was the second person who resigned. he was an adviser to Jim Comey.

Strzok was demoted and works in the human resources division.

Thanks for the correction.

it will be interesting to see if Strzok follows.

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How about apologizing to everyone for being wrong about Strzok resigning.

Let us analyze this for a moment.

Trump is a Republican

Trump fired Comey

Comey who is Republican

Trump appointed Christopher A. Wray

Christopher A. Wray is a Republican.

A Republican Lead FBI will not collect Page, Strzok messages on personal accounts, despite top GOP lawmaker’s request.

So how exactly is this the enforcement wing of the Democratic Party?
It seems a Republican should trust the FBI now more than ever. Their guy Trump, put his own guy in charge.

Both of your statements are non sequitur.

Ever hear of a Rino?

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A label given for Republican a Republican does not want to claim.
In other words, a cop out.

it appears there was a lot of corruption under the Obama Administration from the IRS, to the DJ to the FBI. that is why Trump was elected - to clean the swamp! the swamp is made up of both democrats and republicans!

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