FBI's Clinton Foundation investigation now 'a very high priority,' sources say


exactly!!! she has had the proverbial “get out of jail” card for years. how long will her luck will it be before her luck runs out? she acts like some who wins at Monopoly every game because she cheats when no one is looking.


Obama promised a private army bigger and better funded than the U.S. Army … and it looks like the number of illegal alien men of military age is close to that number.


Speaking of Obama, he referenced himself 207 times in an 84 minute speech that was supposed to be about HRC.


:rotfl: :rolleyes: this guy



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Given the apparent conflicts of interest and pay for play shown in Clinton Cash, I was disheartened that there seemed to be no legal follow up on the Foundation this past year.

It’s encouraging to see the obvious was not completely ignored.




This story was ginned up by Trump supporters in the NY office of the FBI and was picked up by FOX News. It has been debunked, which is why other news outlets haven’t picked it up.

“The idea that indictments are near or something like that, I’m told that’s just not true,” NBC’s Williams reported.

“There’s been some reports out there today that an indictment is in the offing in the Clinton Foundation investigation,” said CNN’s Evan Perez. “Everything we’ve known about this investigation – that’s been going on well over a year – is that that’s not true.”
ABC News called the report “inaccurate and without merit.”



I’ve followed the accusations against her over the years down every single rabbit hole and each and every time it leads to…nothing…jack/squat. A big, partisan-fueled, money-wasting tantrum.

What this tells me is that Republicans are terrified of her and they’re thrilled to smear her with bullspit because that’s all they’ve got. It’s truly sad.


Yep…per usual. I find the lies that have been propagated against both Clintons to be beyond the pale.

The Clinton Foundation has been praised for years by people in both parties and people all across the globe. Then all the sudden, Secretary Clinton is running for office and out comes the make-believe machine in all its “Oh my goodness, we’re SO tired of losing” glory. Shameless, really. And transparent.


Bret B. of Fox News has now apologized for his false “bombshell story that the mainstream media won’t tell you about” concerning the Clinton Foundation. In the original false story Brett said indictments were coming and coming soon…see why it’s easy for me to sleep like a baby?

Just one more falsehood accusation to add to decades of them. I really hope that one day the Republican Party will again earn the right to govern nationally, but that day is not today.


I truncated your post:

No, Bret Baier’s multi-part scoop on the FBI’s Clinton probes hasn’t been “debunked”

(1) The Clinton Foundation probe is real, expansive, and has been active for more than a year. Line agents seem to fully believe this, griping that their bosses won’t approve essential tools for them to kick the probe into high gear. Several news outlets have referred to the Clinton Foundation inquiry in the present tense, while the New York Times suggests that it has been effectively tabled until after the election. Whether there is an “active investigation” or an “inquiry” in a holding pattern may be a matter of perspective and semantics. It does appear that Mrs. Clinton was incorrect when she flatly denied earlier this year that the FBI was probing her family’s controversial charitable organization.

(2) Despite reports of an unusual side deal, top Hillary aides’ personal computers that factored into the FBI’s email investigation were not destroyed, and in fact are still being exploited. I have seen no reporting that contradicts this new information. Baier’s sources say those devices are still intact at the bureau’s DC field office.

(3) Agents working on the reinitiated email probe have discovered new, non-duplicate emails from Clinton’s server on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s personal computer. CBS News confirms this important detail, which may highlight why FBI Director James Comey decided to re-engage the dormant investigation (though not before doing due diligence to make sure there was some substance to the new alleged evidence, according to the Washington Post):

The FBI has found emails related to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state on the laptop belonging to the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, according to a U.S. official. These emails, CBS News’ Andres Triay reports, are not duplicates of emails found on Secretary Clinton’s private server. At this point, however, it remains to be seen whether these emails are significant to the FBI’s investigation into Clinton. It is also not known how many relevant emails there are.

(4) Barring DOJ “obstruction,” Clinton Foundation-related indictments are “likely,” Baier’s FBI sources say. This appears to be the most problematic element of the report. Baier himself clarified his wording, acknowledging that the FBI doesn’t have the power to make decisions on indictments. Williams’ sources emphatically deny that prosecutions are forthcoming. It seems to me that this may have been a case of wish-casting by frustrated FBI agents, projecting or hyping what they believe should happen in the final resolution of this affair. See the clip below for more clarity.

(5) FBI analysts believe with near certainty that at least five foreign intelligence agencies penetrated Mrs. Clinton’s unsecure server, which contained thousands of classified emails — some extremely sensitive. This conclusion merely echoes what a number of top Obama administration and US intelligence officials have been publicly stating with a high degree of certainty for months. If the FBI has this nailed down, it blows up yet another Clinton talking point about her national security-endangering server. Baier says that although investigators are working under the operating belief that her server was hacked, no “digital fingerprints” have verified that assumption beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Bottom line: A long-simmering grudge match within the halls of the FBI and the Justice Department is spilling into public view via a string of escalating leaks on both sides. Journalists are reporting what their well-connected sources tell them, which is why Williams and Baier can both be correct here. It was the Special Report host’s phrasing on the indictments point that has resulted in politically-interested parties pretending that his entire scoop has been “disproven.” It has not. A number of its central elements have either been left undisputed, or confirmed by rival news sources. Taking a step back, it appears as though the FBI’s reopened email probe is turning up new and relevant evidence, that some form of FBI inquiry into the Clinton Foundation is open (to one extent or another), and that sharp disagreements exist within the federal law enforcement community about how all of this ought to be resolved. I’ll leave you with Baier’s updated report from this morning — in which he stands by the bulk of his reporting and sourcing, but apologizes for the “mistake” of describing the ‘indictment’ piece the way he did:



There will magically be no evidence found against her. The ruling class take care of their own. This is just propaganda to make the people think the powers that be have integrity.

Just as only one Wall Street sleazeball was arrested for the Great Recession, so Hillary will not face justice on this earth.

She will win the election even if Trump sweeps the electoral college. The puppetmaster George Soros will see to it.


Bret Baier has apologized for this false story. Please don’t propagate falsehoods.


Yep, shameless! A foundation set up to enrich the Clintons under the guise of charity! You betcha this is shameless! Only 10% goes for actual charity and we have Haiti as an indicator what this foundation actually does.
Yes, shameless is the word!


was the fake bombshell story in reference to indictment over e-mails or the Clinton foundation?


The delicious irony of this post…


Where? Was there anything inaccurate in the Hotair article?


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