FCA has many belifes that the Catholic Church has. I am a current member of this club. I was wondering if anyone knew about it’s realtion to the Catholic Church.:confused:

For those who know nothing about this, can you tell us what the FCA is?

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

if you mean Fellowship of Christian Athletes, they are an evangelical Protestant group, I believe and outgrowth of Campus Crusade for Christ, and while they do promote some good values, and especiallly the value of prayer, and you may pray together with them, their teaching is definitely not Catholic, and diverges from Catholic teaching on many key points of doctrine. You may not join in formal worship with them, although youth rallies with praise and worship music are fine, but bear in mind you will be told about altar calls, and somewhere down the line you will be told the entire Catholic sacramental “system” is unnecessary and unbiblical, all you need to do is accept Jesus in your heart and express contrition for your sins and you will be saved.

You should not join them for bible studies or formal study of doctrine as you will not be hearing the truth. if you are on the campus of a public school or college, you should still retain them with friends, even join in their prayer groups, because you will need the support of people who share your Christian values, but do take steps to make sure your own knowledge of Catholic faith and practice is firm.

What PA said!

I have never had good experiences with Campus Crusade for Christ, or any of their offshoots.

I joined FCA 2 years ago in my school because there were no Catholic clubs in our school. This year I am one of the 10 FCA leaders in our our school. When I first took the position I was nieve of the differences in Protestant and Catholic doctrines (I was aware there were divisions of seperation, but I thought they were minor), all I knew were Catholics were Christians too, and I felt I had to represent them. Months later the president gave me a pamphlet on the Catholic Church, but I firmly believed that the Catholics were the first and true Christians of Christ ( I saw this as a way how other people see us). I noticed when I tried inviting other Catholics to FCA they refused. When I did this I thought I was trying to invite Catholics into learn more about Christ’s love for us.

I learned that:

  • Some Christians do not see Catholics as Christians (in some areas, the Catholic Church is seen paganistic)
  • Protestants and Catholics use different cannons
    (We have the original) (They have a different cannon. Luther found this cannon and thought that the Catholics were hiding the truth. In reality this cannon was created by Jews who rejected some parts of the Hebrew bible ,and they omitted 5 old testament books (the apogrytha, they call it) )
    -They do not understand the traditions (see it as unnecessary)
    -Some do not accept the Catholic Church because they see the flaws of the papacy since Pope Leo X indulging in the profits of indulges.
    -Most common discrepency: " The Crusades justify it is okay to kill in the name of God according to Pope Urban"
    -" Catholics are unscriptual" This is so wrong.

I see somethings like Pro-life, anti-drug, purity, and etc are common ground, but when it comes to sacraments and traditions we are different.

What should I do? I dream of the day of the re-unification the Catholics and Protestants as one body of Christ, and I want to help it, but I can’t tell them they are wrong. By doing that I’ll just make the Catholic- Protestant gap bigger. Should I resign my position as a recruiter?( There is no Catholic clubs) Should I tell Catholic FCA members to not attend?

I was secretary of my high school’s FCA. The person who held that position before me was Catholic. We didn’t have a problem with the Catholic members, but in our case all of the leadership (except the ex-secretary) was Baptist or United Methodist. At least at the one I was in, we were basically independent from the national organization. We elected our own leaders.

If yours is the same way, you could recruit Catholics and then elect them into leadership.

The catch with the FCA is typically at the level beyond the individual school. No matter your faith, you are still on the same team. This bond usually prevents a lot of issues. At the national level, it is NOT a Catholic organization. This does not make it anti-Catholic. It does mean that it can and will promote a religious ideology that is different than ours.

Always remmember that if a Protestant group calls itself non-denominational, it does not mean it accepts Catholic thought.

I learned that the hard way.

So what you’re saying, it accepts all Christianity except Catholism?

If you want to know good information about catholic church hen visit this link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Catholic_Church

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