FCC blocking 9 companies from providing subsidized internet to low income



This is ridiculous imo. Internet should not be as expensive as it still is.

It seems like the FCC may be trying to figure out ways to ensure their survival for years to come, when really, something like the FCC in the modern world, is quickly becoming obsolete.


The FCC is halting several actions put through at the last minute by the Obama administration that didn’t enjoy the support of a majority of the FCC commissioners. It seems reasonable that they would halt them, as they have the legal authority to do so that they can give them proper consideration.


Im surprised the FCC is still around, anyone know where they get their directive?


Im pretty sure im working 50+ hours a week paying taxes to fund a public library that already provides free internet to low income people.


It is for everyone. Not just low income people. All sorts of people use the wi-fi at our local library. And as for cost, your share of that Internet service, assuming the Library has a business-class T1 leased line is about 7 cents per month. I don’t think that is the cause of your working 50+ hours a week.


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