FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization To Antibody Cocktail Used By Trump

I donate my plasma every few weeks, for COVID therapy. It’s good to see this sort of treatment moving past the research phase.

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Are you able to donate that often? I have never donated plasma before. How do you feel after the donation?

It actually might be every 3 weeks. They call me to set up another appt about two weeks after my last donation.

Reading online, it seems giving plasma twice a week is the max, though some donation centers require more of a break.

I know plasmapherisis is a popular procedure and they need plasma for that.

I did not realize it could be donated so frequently.

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I’m disappointed this sort of treatment is so hard to get.

I am so happy Ben Carson is doing better now. After we lost Herman Cain from C o v I d 19 I was afraid for
Ben’s chances of surviving.

If we have successful treatments, the vaccines wouldn’t need to be expedited and could be successfully tested. I don’t think I will get the vaccine.

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This may turn out like chloroquine, but I’ll keep donating

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