FDA: Mercury Dental Fillings May Be Harmful

FDA: Mercury Dental Fillings May Be Harmful

Silver-colored metal dental fillings contain mercury that may cause health problems in pregnant women, children and fetuses, the Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday after settling a related lawsuit.

As part of the settlement with several consumer advocacy groups, the FDA agreed to alert consumers about the potential risks on its website and to issue a more specific rule next year for fillings that contain mercury, FDA spokeswoman Peper Long said.

Millions of Americans have the fillings, or amalgams, to patch cavities in their teeth.

“Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses,” the FDA said in a notice on its Web site.


The rule of toxicology is “the dose makes the poison.” So this is probably not a great concern: amalgams are pretty stable.

But even a tiny amount could be harmful to a developing nervous system. I’d like to see some more confirmation; when the effect is this subtle (if it exists), then you need a lot of data to confirm it.

I don’t understand…almost 12 years ago I heard how these dental fillings are harmful…and since then, I had fillings made out of material that’s not mercury…so, how is this still possible that it isnt banned?!

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