FDA: New Church Persecutor???



This is really wierd…


I concur!
That is all very odd… has anyone found an article, other than this one, regarding the FDA raiding a church?


I read two of the articles and they sound like the rantings of an anti-government lunatic. Probably wears a tinfoil hat, too. If anybody believes that stuff, please contact me about a deal on some development land in Florida and some very nice bridges in various areas.


Yellow journalism.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!


Amen – this article is a left-wing piece of crackpot, muckraking pseudojournalism.

Or very good satire…I’m not sure which.


PS: Once you get to the holy water part, it becomes pretty obvious why that site needs a “journalistic declaration of independence”.


Very speculative and kind of silly. I don’t plan to worry about it.


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