FDA says dieters should stop using Hydroxycut now

WASHINGTON – Government health officials warned dieters and body builders Friday to immediately stop using Hydroxycut, a widely sold supplement linked to cases of serious liver damage and at least one death.

The Food and Drug Administration said the company that makes the dietary supplement has agreed to recall 14 Hydroxycut products. Available in grocery stores and pharmacies, Hydroxycut is advertised as made from natural ingredients. At least 9 million packages were sold last year, the FDA said.

Dr. Linda Katz of the FDA’s food and nutrition division said the agency has received 23 reports of liver problems, including the death of a 19-year-old boy living in the Southwest. The teenager died in 2007, and the death was reported to the FDA this March.

Other patients experienced symptoms ranging from jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, to liver failure. One received a transplant and another was placed on a list to await a new liver. The patients were otherwise healthy and their symptoms began after they started using Hydroxycut.


you may want to pass this on to anybody you know who is currently using it.

Go out and buy a FLEX magazine, and look at all the bizarre drugs and supplements that are sell. It is a big magazine, and more than half is probably ads for these things. It’s hard to believe that more of them aren’t harmful.

they probably are. i remember when they figured out phen-phen killed people and this was touted as the ‘safe’ replacement. odds are once we have long term data on those others it will turn out similar.

Thank-you for posting this! Bump! I had not heard this before. I just tried some last week to try and lose weight and made me feel terrible and upset my stomach. So I am very glad to be informed about this and have thrown the bottle away!

well since at least one person was able to stop, i feel great about posting this. glad i could help.

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