Fear and sin, related?

Is the experience of fear in humanity a consequence of the stain of original sin?

I think fear is one of the ‘passions’.

There would be absolutely no fear had Adam chosen communion with God rather than forfeit that relationship for autonomy from Him. The love of and for God would’ve totally excluded fear.

Kind scholar please elaborate on the relevance of this to the question. From where does fear originate?

I believe there are two definitions of fear:
*]Intellectual Fear: i.e. fear of the Lord. Much like respect.
*]Emotional Fear: i.e. fear when one is in danger of death.
There most definitely would have been the first type in the Garden, but I do not think so for the second. There simply would have been nothing for Adam and Eve to fear.

It definitely is a consequence because Adam and Eve lived in harmony with the world before the fall. In addition, the Garden of Eden provided everything they needed. There was no need to worry about anything except, as YoungApologist3 said, disobeying God.

I must respectfully disagree with regards to fear of any type in the garden. I most certainly can have respect of someone without fear as I can fear someone but have no respect for them. Both states of which can be felt without regard to death being a factor. Respect in and of itself does not preclude fear in any form. We fear God now because of the consequences instilled in us after the fall of our nature. Pre-fall there is simply no reason nor evidence of any form of fear felt by Adam and Eve. They presumably respected God as their creator but certainly didn’t fear him in any sense until after they ate of the tree and their eyes were opened. Until then any conception of fear simply did not exist for them. Why would it?

I Absolutely agree. Fear is a consequence of the “stain” of original sin. Total exclusivity of fear irregardless of its nature, i.e. intellectual or physical, is a consequence of having a pure and innocent soul like Adam and Eve’s nature before the fall. Now having established that fact within your mind I humbly ask you to reflect upon this question, “Why did Mary, being born immaculate, feel fear at the greeting of the angel Gabriel?”
May God bless you and yours all your days…

Why do you think Adam and Eve feared disobeying God? They had no conception of the fear of death at this point. They had no conception of sin. It didnt exist yet. It was merely pointed out to Adam what Gods will was and why he shouldn’t eat from the tree. Having been made in the image of God and presumably as a consequence giving their will the ability to diverge from Gods they made a pore choice. There is no indication however that they made their choice in fear.
Eternal blessings be upon you

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