Fear of Confessing My Greatest Sin

I am and have been in fear of confessing what I feel to be my greatest sin of having several abortions. I had them over 30 years ago, I know that they are not right in the Catholic church, but until recently, I was comfortable in my decisions so long ago. Recently, I have come to the realization that I must confess my sins for myself.

What happens when we confess a sin of abortion? Is this a sin that is absolved?

Remember No sin is beyond God’s mercy. Go to confession and be at peace.

It would be an excellent idea to do some pro-life work or give a donation to Human Life International.

God is working with you

See if you can contact Project Rachel throught the Respect Life office in your diocese. This is a program for women who have had abortions. From what I understand from a woman I know, the women don’t just go to confession but go through a process that leads to sacramental confession. This woman said it was extreamly healing and involved actually naming the child that was aborted.

Dear loved Child of the most loving and forgiving God. Go to your Preist confess this sin and receive the forgiveness that God has for you.

Michelle, My prayers are with you. Allow yourself to heal.

Go and confess. God will definitely forgive you. You may feel better that you have in 30 years because you will be so much closer to Him, unburdened (at least less burdened) and recharged with wonderful grace!

I felt the same way you did for awhile, but my friend said it best, tongue-in-cheek-

“Dude! (I’m a guy) This priest has heard confessions in prison. Compared to them, your a total wuss”

After that confession, I cried…like a total wuss…

It will be happily absolved. The angels rejoice at a repentant believer!

Yes, it will be absolved. Just walk into a confessional, or make an appointment if you would be more comfortable doing that.

Of course. Think of the sins the Apostles committed, think of the way St Paul directly persecuted Christ. They were all forgiven.

There is no sin that, if you are penitent, cannot be absolved and forgiven. Occasionally there may be procedural matters (I think in some places you may need permission from the bishop before receiving communion again, or something similar?) but this doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t be forgiven.

God bless, and I second the point about getting in touch with groups such as Rachel’s Vineyard which have been set up for women in your situation.

There is an automatic excommunication attached to an abortion, but t doesn’t apply if you were unaware of it. Most priests have delegated power to lift the excommunication if it does apply. There is a strong intent to make it as easy as possible for the penitent.

Praise the Lord. And thanks the Catholic Church. Isn’t it beautiful that you can come to the Church and have your sin forgiven? Go, go for it! Go and experience the power of the ministry of the Sacrament.

My goodness, it was 30 years ago. Probably your regret is sufficient for your forgiveness but you still need the Church for you to hear the absolution and let if off your shoulder; all the burden that you have been carrying all these years. I am so glad to hear that you want to confess this sin. Consider yourself responding to the call of Jesus,** “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” Mt 11:28**

My prayer is with you in this decisive moment and may you truly experience the love of God. It is for you to discover yourself; don’t just take my word for it. :gopray2::getholy:

I want to thank everyone who posted a response. I can’t tell you what a sense of relief this has given me today. I have looked into Rachel’s Vineyard and have found retreat dates in my area. I am going to contact my Church and request an appointment for my confession. I must say that I have had wanted to do this, but have always felt that it was going to take more time and talking with my Priest. In my heart, I believe there is a fear of being “ousted” and the sadness it would bring to my Priest, knowing this which is part of the reason I have not done. As I mentioned, this has recently began to weigh on my shoulders very heavily, to the point I think about it daily. I do want peace in my life and feel this is one area that is not allowing me to have the peace and happiness I believe I deserve.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice. Mostly I would like to thank you for your understanding and caring, and not judging.


Praised be God :smiley:

I remember learning in Catechism classes growing up that the only unpardonable sin is despair. When one despairs of God’s forgiveness, he does not believe he can be forgiven—despite what scriptures have said. He is ultimately refusing God’s forgiveness. So, please, don’t worry. Go to confession, confess your sin(s), and do your penance. I would also recommend studying a good Catholic Catechism for a better understanding of the faith—something I find myself needing to do from time to time.

=michelle329;7279735]I am and have been in fear of confessing what I feel to be my greatest sin of having several abortions. I had them over 30 years ago, I know that they are not right in the Catholic church, but until recently, I was comfortable in my decisions so long ago. Recently, I have come to the realization that I must confess my sins for myself.

What happens when we confess a sin of abortion? Is this a sin that is absolved?

THEN DEAR FRIEND, you need to know this:

Luke.15: 7 Just so, I [JESUS SPEAKING] tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance

**Rom.5: 8 ***"*But God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us."

GO! Go Quickly, God is anxious to bring you comfort and welcome you HOME:D

The Priest will be OVERJOYED and very GENTLE with you! Go! Go now dear friend!

Gods Love and Peace are waiting for you!


I agree with all of the above.

That, and I’m guessing it will be easier to confess in the privacy of the confessional what you’ve already confessed here publicly (albeit anonymously) for all the world to see :slight_smile:

Yes, the priest will be overjoyed and be very gentle. He should be.

To the OP: I do not want to give you false expectation. Just in case the one (the priest) that you go to may be grumpy because perhaps he may be tired or has a bad day and therefore may not be too gentle and too overjoy, do know that it does not take away the joy of God the Father to receive you back; the Father who will throw a banquet for you and the Father who just long for you to be in his Fatherly arms once again. For you are a precious child of God.

God bless. :slight_smile:

Michelle, You are so generous. Offer up your well done, forthright confession for the living souls of your children. Make your act of confession and contrition, an act of motherly love. God is so great. And in the souls of sincere children, He does wonderful deeds. God can convert anything we do into something wonderful. Do it. The heavens await to rejoice. We all do. Do it.

God Bless you.

heres a link you might like comeholyspiritconferences.org/component/content/article/9-speakers/12-vicki-thorn.html
vicki thorn is the founder of project rachel

As sinners, none of us deserve anything but eternity in hell for the things we have done in this life. We’ve all disappointed God and made him sad through our various acts of evil. You are no worse than anyone else who has sinned in this life. Your repentance is a cause for great rejoice.

The peace and happiness we are given in this life is a total gift from God. It is offered completely free of charge for those who believe! We don’t get peace and happiness because we deserve it. We can only have it because Jesus Christ took the punishment we so rightly deserve. God’s wrath for your evil deeds of 30 plus years ago was poured out on Jesus as he hung on that cross. The forgiveness we receive from God is complete because Jesus paid the price.

The Bible says that it’s all about that cross and what occurred there 2000 years ago that brings us total forgiveness, peace, and happiness!

God Bless you Michelle.


All of our past sins are forgiven, but not yet our future ones (at least, not until they are confessed after having been committed):

Matthew 6:12 – Forgive us our debts, **as we forgive our debtors
John 8:11 – Go and sin no more

1 John 1:9 – If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness

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