Fear of Flying


Someone (“A”) fears to fly. He feels that if there’s something going wrong, however small it is, he will almost certainly die. So he prefers to use land transportation whenever possible because he thinks that his chance to die is smaller compared to flying.
His friend (“B”) tries to advise him, saying that if LORD wants to take “A”, HE doesn’t have to wait for “A” to fly. Even now while they’re talking LORD can take “A” if it’s time for him to “go” now.
“A” argues that even though it’s true, he reminds “B” that LORD also bestows human with free will. It’s human’s task to use his free will to assess about everything he faces first, before eventually trusting the result to Lord’s decision.

Does this case relate to “predestination” concept, which I perceive as “God’s plan and human’s “free will” exist together”?
What should we as Catholic suggest to “A”?


“A’s” unfound fear is just that, however it is “A’s” fear. Predestination is not in play here as predestination means “A” decision is already known. Flying is morally neutral. “A” should understand he is more likely to die driving to a location than flying to the same location however it is strictly a choice.


I think trying to equate an irrational fear (phobia) with any kind of theological concept is fraught with problems.

It would be better to use psychological treatments to address the phobia from which “A” suffers.


I recall someone saying that when it is your time to go, you go. However, he didn’t want to be there when it was the pilot’s time to go. :smiley:


that is funny. I am nooot a good flyer and as a matter of fact after the attacks, I pretty much thought I’d never set foot on a plane again. Well, actually last week, after about 10 years I did. I had to for a funeral and to visit a loved one in the hospital. I basically feel the same, if it’s your time, it’s your time, but I really had to put my big girl shirt on and have faith and do it. That being said, I made sure I went to confession that day :wink: I need all the help I can get.
So, during the confession, I had told the priest about what was going on and that I was taking the red eye and that I have faith, but I like my tootsies on the ground. He chuckled, understandingly, and joked, if we were meant to fly God would have given us wings hahaha;)


It’s really not so much a fear of flying as it is a fear of landing badly. :slight_smile:


I think “B’s” argument is dumb.

Does he wear his seat belt? If so, why? … when it’s his time to go… it’s his time to go. Ditto with bungie jumping, wrestling alligators, and getting into bar fights.

If “A” doesn’t care to put himself through the nervousness of flying - so be it. I hardly think it’s not trusting in God.


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