Fear of Freedom Is Driving the Coming Assault on Parler by the Media and Big Tech

Fear of Freedom Is Driving the Coming Assault on Parler by the Media and Big Tech

By streiff | Nov 14, 2020 4:00 PM ET

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The 2020 election is bringing a collapse to both cable news, where viewers are leaving in such numbers that Fox’s PR flack has gotten all stompy-feet with us over our reporting on the subject (read Fox News Decides to Fully Set Themselves on Fire as Ratings Collapse). More on how Fox has become just another left-wing media outlet here:

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It is also starting a shakeout in social media. A steady stream of users is abandoning the fascist-run Facebook and YouTube in favor of outlets where you cannot be silenced for disagreeing with the Democrat party. Perhaps the one with the most buzz, though, it Parler. Parler is essentially Twitter, but without the fascist overtones, and because of the oppressive way in which Twitter policed political speech during the election, many people are leaving it for Parler.

The degree to which Parler poses a threat to the left is made clear by the attacks being launched upon it. My colleague Kira Davis has posted on the effort . . . .

. . . This is signaling that the media and the tech giants that do not want you to think or say anything that does not have corporate approval have decided that Parler is a threat to their ability to control speech. They don’t intend to take this threat lying down. The labeling of Parler as a foreign intelligence operation and a threat to public safety is no accident. It is a prelude to the same parties’ effort to have the Parler app removed from the Play Store and Apple Store and other sources of smartphone and tablet apps. If you can’t access Parler easily, it is no longer a threat. . . .

Interesting read. I’ve been wondering what the end game or goal of the attacks on Parler were. Since tech companies are big into censorship makes some sense that they would want to see Parler removed from app stores.

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The censorship that takes place in twitter and facebook proves that we’re right over the target when it comes to voter and ballot fraud, as well as Hunter Biden. Otherwise, they would encourage intellectual discussion. But they know it’s a losing argument, so they simply ban speech that damages Democrats.

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