Fear of summoning demons


well, first i gott

well, the deal is this, for sometime i have suffered for a big fear of the demonic and such, i fear that i make stuff to attract demons. when i think about it many of these stuff are just things in my imagination. but there are other stuff that i think it might be problematic, for example i fear that i become superstitious.

but my problem is this, sometimes when i felt i sin of superstition or something like that, i fear that if i used an object for that, it might be possesed or something, so the big problem is what should i do? i mean it is not objects like an amulets or such but common items as money, books etc. (and it is not like I like to be superstitious, the thing is that suddenly this stuff happens when in pressure, for example when geting in the bus, where i have the pressure to do something quickly, and sometimes it becomes a being superstitious vs doing something that could attract demons)

yes, I know that the answer is to just ignore that, but i wonder if im not doing any mistake by just going with a “well nothing happened so ill just continue as if nothing happened.” or if i have to do something to be sure before using the money etc.

also I have this other problem, as i told you this comes when in pressure so i believe that if i don’t do anything to stop the “human respect” sin, I also commit the sins of superstition/occultism, even without doing it, or that if i commited it even venially because of lack of tought, it becomes mortal or at least worst because i did not do what was needed in the past. or if i have a recurrent sin, i have to defeat it because if i made them at the same time it might be worst.

so far my opinion is that i do this because of fear, so if i stop fearing it, these will stop, but my doubt is that if i actually am doing something wrong by just going around without doing anything else, and just living my life, or just like i think that is actually the answer to all this.


You sound as though this fear of the occult is giving you great distress. Generally speaking, if you do practice any blatant occult/satanic rituals, then you have no need to fear.

It is possible, however, that your distress is caused by scrupulosity, a condition where one unreasonably fears sin. I would strongly recommend to seek the opinion and advice of a priest or counselor to help you understand and address your fears. Receiving conflicting advice from many people on the internet could increase you distress. It is best to establish a professional relationship with a single individual to help you manage.


I cannot answer you, but I will pray for you.



If I were a shrink, I would say you might have OCD, intrusive thoughts, or whatnot.

One of the great things about being Catholic is that we get to believe in God without being superstitious. We know that God will protect us from all these things. And we know that whatever happens, it is in God’s hands.Remember this and start disciplining your mind- take control of your thoughts. They are not you and you are not them. Appeal to God in your time of distress. Visualize some calming, powerful image of God or God’s grace upon you in these times. It helps.


please get counseling from a professional for anxiety, intrusive thoughts, compulsive thoughts, etc, and speak to your pastor also.


the second one i have done it, i might do it again, now the first one i suppose i have to find a good one, since this is something i pretty much do with many other stuff.

anyway thanks for your post and concern.


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