Some people say fear is non existant. Is it true?

If I fear about something like fear of talking in the crowds or fear of talking to my father… such fear is unnecessary, isn’t it?

What if at first I have no fear yet, but because I know about it from someone else, & when I’m going to do something which require courage, suddenly I feel fear. How should I handle it?

Maybe I have OCD?

Everyone has fears. What you seem to be talking about are irrational fears (being afraid of something that is not actually a threat), called phobias.

Many people have phobias. A friend is terrified of spiders - even when shown on TV. She knows the TV spider can’t hurt her, but she is scared anyway.

Most phobias are harmless and not a cause for concern. Some phobias prevent us from living our lives in a satisfying manner. Such phobias can often be treated by mental health professionals.

I think the last poster refers to irrational fears,
I want to talk about harnessing these fears
so that they work FOR you instead of AGAINST
How? By realizing that all the created universe
is under LAWS, both mathematical, gravitational,
thermodynamic as well as spiritual!
God created these laws so that there would be order
out of the chaos or “darkness” (Gen 1).
To fear is a natural response to keep one from transgressing
God’s laws, so, to fear God is to fear the laws that HE made!
See Prov 28:14

I would listen carefully for God. Even if the fear is irrational, you may possess it for a good reason.

LOVE! :heart:

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