Fearing the Future of the US as a Teenage Male

Hi everyone,

Over the past year and a half I have been watching the growth of the corruption of the gift of sex. With the rising issues of legalizing same-sex marriage and many other terrible things, I have been doing my best to help prevent these things from occuring. I am fearing the future of the United States, not only because of the terrible things our nation decides to do but the fact they are may force us to commit mortal sin. I would rather die a countless times than give in to providing contraception for others. The problem is I am only sixteen years old, and I need to inform my mom about the situation if it occurs.

Another problem is we are being, “civil disobedient.” If Catholics happen to be arrested because of “civil disobedience” I would be honored to be arrested as well. If this were to happen and my mom told me not to do this, should I still do it? I am still young, and I have been discerning the religious life since my childhood. To be honest, seeing that society continues to live in the culture of death has helped my discernment a lot.

Starting this summer (or as soon as I can) I will be volunteering as much as I can at a place that persuades women not to have an abortion. Besides praying, volunteering, and evangelizing what other options do you think are available for me as a teenage male to prevent same-sex marriage, end abortion, and stop contraception?

What advice do you have to offer?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you’re on the right track. You’re volunteering, which is great, and you are considering religious life. Does your church offer bible studies? Oh, and the civil disobedience isn’t a good idea. Not if you’re planing on becoming a priest or whatever. Of course, being a priest isn’t the only way to live a religious life. Some orders have brothers as well. It’s something to think about. :thumbsup:

My parish has classes every Sunday. The youth at my parish are not the best Catholics at the moment. My pastor told me when they were discussing Saint Thomas Aquinas’s Five Proofs last week that some of them did not believe them. Then my pastor told me that he needed my influence at the class. Normally I do not attend the classes because of the classmates that lack in their faith, but I now see it as an opportunity :slight_smile: thanks.

P.s. Do you think young Catholics highly devoted to Christ and firm in his or her faith has a major influence on people? I have noticed this many times in the past. Thanks again :).

Most changes will have to come from the ground up, with people on the bottom changing the government through their beliefs. So I think what you are doing, staying active in the faith, is good.
Serving as a Catholic example can do a great amount of good! My mother will soon be entering the Church because I was able to teach her about it. :slight_smile:

I’m very happy for your mom :D! God bless you!

Thanks! :thumbsup:


I agree with you on everything!

Thanks :slight_smile:

You are such a witness to young people. Thank you for your hard work:)

I think if your parents do not agree with your engaging in acts of civil disobedience that you should not do it until you are independent. They could end up being responsible for legal bills and the like.

Other than that, it’s wonderful to hear about young people who are so involved with their Faith :slight_smile: Keep close to God and do not neglect your prayer life!!!

Soul of the Apostolate by Fr Chautardmakes some very good points in the very beginning of his book, then goes on to discuss the spiritual life. All too often, he points out, people get so involved in the work they are doing that they neglect their spiritual life with bad consequences.

I do have many struggles, but I do my best to remain joyful :). I really like this quote from Saint Rita of Cascia “Bear witness to unarmed love.”

It is the best thing we can do in all situations. Plus we have seen it in history. With love everything seems better, even the obstacles we face in life :).

Thanks :), I will be sure to read it. I currently have many other books on my shelf for this summer. Although I may have many books I have not read yet due to school, I know that I am definitely looking forward to summer :smiley:

Frank… Is that you @_@?
HI! It’s me, Justin.
I’m sorry if I have the wrong person.
I think you could get involved in pro-life groups, volunteer at the Missionaries of Charity (if there’s one near you :D), and give a good example in your school! If your friends see how good and happy Catholics are, they will be more open to see the truths of the Catholic Faith. YAY CATHOLICISM.

God bless you and keep you, brother!

you have the right mindset OP - keep it up, keep learning , keep living the Gospel message and lead by example - I wish I had your tenacity at that age !

you have my prayers!


It sounds to me like your doing just fine. The only advice I have is to pray, never give up on prayer.
May our good Lord guide you on your journey.

In God we trust! No need to fear the future.

Thank you all for your prayers. You will be in mine as well :slight_smile:

I strongly suggest you should read the book, Awakening the Sleeping Giant, it gives some excellent advice to help take back our culture and restore our country to its full glory.

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