Feast Days During Easter


I know that during Feast Days we should not be doing fasts or any kind of mortifications. I wondered, then, how that works during Easter? Is this Octave like 8 days of feasts? What about the rest of Eastertide?


If you are going by the new calendar… Each day of the Octave of Easter is treated as a solemnity. (So no abstaining from meat required on Easter Friday.) The remaining days of the Easter season are not treated as solemnities …unless they are solemnities in their own right.


Thanks! And since you seemed to be leading in that direction, what of the old calendar?


Sorry. I don’t know.

I’m not sure the word “solemnity” is used in the old calendar and since you used the word “feast” I wasn’t sure if maybe you wanted info on the old calendar. So I just qualified my answer to make it clear what I was talking about.

In the new calendar “feast” ranks lower than a “solemnity”. (More like solemnity is a subset of feast.)


I’m really not sure about the distinction. I used the word feast because whenever I see that on a calendar on a Friday I know that I should not be doing a fast. What is the difference between the two?


Such only applies on solemnities, which are first class feast days. The Friday after Easter is the only Friday solemnity during the Easter Season.

A solemnity is a first class feast. Everday is the feast day for at least one saint.


Solemnities are the highest rank of feast (and if you look at the official English title for the day it usually includes the word “solemnity”). Solemnities are NEVER days of abstinence from meat but feasts can be.

In general, solemnities include the days that are listed as Holy Days of Obligation on the worldwide Church calendar (some of which are not days of obligation in all countries or are always transferred to Sundays) as well as all days in the Octave of Easter and some other days that always fall on Sundays.

In addition there are local solemnities such as feast days of national patron saints and feast days/dedication days for local parishes.


Exactly… so I will eat meat this Friday, which will be the last time until Sacred Heart I believe.

You can eat meat even on Fridays in Lent as long as either St. Joseph’s Day or Annunciation are being observed on said Friday.


Or if you live in Canada or other jurisdictions where even on the Fridays of Lent abstinence from meat is 100% optional (sadly, in my opinion).


Of course the fact that the local bishops make abstinence optional does not make a Friday into a solemnity.


Well, your still required to do penance, so whether or not it’s a solemnity still matters.

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