Feast of Christ the King


Grace and peace to you from Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Beloved, tomorrow is the Feast of Christ the King. This feast was created by Pope Pius XI to resolve the Roman Question. This feast reminds us that Our Lord Jesus is the king of the universe. He reigns over all of us, and loves us. Tomorrow, remember how much Jesus loves you. Kiss your friends and family while saying to them, “The peace of Jesus be with you!” Devoutly receive the Eucharist. Spend extra time after Mass to better reflect on Jesus, our Eternal Ruler. After Mass, spread the word of Jesus’s peace to all, remembering that he made the Eternal Sacrifice to give peace and comfort to all mankind.

Blessings from Our Lord Jesus Christ, who so loved the world, he took a cross and died for us. Amen. Amen.


One of my four favorite days of the Church calendar! The others are Christmas, Easter, and Divine Mercy Sunday.

God bless us all!


One of my favorite feasts! In fact, I just blogged on some common questions people have you can check it out HERE

Have you read Quas Primas Pope Pius’ encyclical instituting the feast? He never mentions the Roman Question (although it certainly was heavy in the air at the time). According to Pius, the Feast serves to counteract secularism (especially the attitude that we should have a religious free public square), to fight anti-clericalism (not clericalism, but anti-clericalism) and to remind us that all men are bound to obey Christ the King and his Holy Church. It’s well worth reading.


I can still remember my complete shock on reading an article about Christ the King and Quas Pramas that Christ is Ming not only of Catholics but of non-Catholics, and even of non-Catholic nations!!!

I really had to turn that over in my mind a lot in order to get it!!! But now it, too, is one of my favorite feast days :slight_smile:


Thanks for reminding us of the importance of the feast, bben15. Also, PietroPaulo, you have a nice blog.


As we start the close of this liturgical year; Hail Christ the King of the universe.
Pax et Bonum:bible1:


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