Feast of Corpus Christi Mass

I just had to post. I have just got home from attending the Corpus Christi Mass here in Kansas City with the TLM community. The Mass was celebrated by Monsignor Gilles Wach in the presence of His Excellency, Bishop Finn. Also attending was Msgr. Schmitz(sp?).

What an incredible service it was, the music, the “smells and bells”. They also had first communion, what a joy to see those youths receiving Christ for the first time. Unfortunately it was raining so we could not process outside, and I was so hoping to do so in that particular area of town.

I hope I can find pics somewhere so I can share more.

I usally take pix but since i was coming from work i forgot to take cameras

the mass was awesome and it was such a pleasure to meet msgr. wach and msgr. Schmitz

He is headed off to Wisconson next to do confirmations on saturday.

God bless

I believe there are pics in the diocesan paper.


I wish I could have been there. I hope to be at the procession on Sunday. Bishop Finn has done so many wonderful things for our diocese. May the Church be blessed with more bishops like him.

Sounds wonderful. Bishop Finn is a good bishop.

I see his diocese - the diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph, and neighboring Archdiocese of Kansas City are sharing the Corpus Christi procession on June 10th. Everyone in that area should go. Give 'em big numbers.

Exposition at 1:00; procession begins at 2:00

(scroll down here)

I should have noted that Msgr. Wach is the Founder of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, and Msgr. Schmitz is the Vicar General of the US for the Institute.

Agreed…though it would have also been nice, when the procession was in Saint Joseph (last year) if more people from Kansas City had come up here. It would have been quite a site to see tiny St. Mary’s overflowing into the streets for Benediction. It seems people who live in big cities will drive 45 minutes across town (that can happen in rush hour traffic in Kansas City) and not think anything of it, but 45 minutes out of town is “too far”. Unfortunately since the procesion is looking like it will be combined between neighboring dioceses, it is unlikely that Saint Joseph will have another procession like that…even though the town is half of the diocese’s name. (It is better than before, however)…just my little rant…

Bishop Finn plans on alternating years between the two cities.

I loved our first procession through Midtown, from Redemptorist to Good Counsel, that was quite a site.

BTW, can we have Eucharistic processionals at other times of the year?

BTW, can we have Eucharistic processionals at other times of the year?

The permission of the bishop is required outside of Corpus Christi.

Our’s was so beautiful today too! Three hours long, from the begining of Mass (NO in Latin, with full orchestra and choir) and then procession afterward with songs and Gospel readings. It was such a beautiful and perfect day for it too!

:highprayer: Love them smells and bells!


I finally got to go to a Dominican Rite High Mass for Corpus Christi, it was amazing!

I’m afraid I’m rather irritated. Standing room only, simply because twenty or so children from the school are making their first Holy Communion. Sadly, for many it will also be their last. Why weren’t these children and their families in Mass during the preparation, and where will they be next week?

My kids wanted to know why we can’t do that every week. Ours was just Like Lizanne’s. NO in Latin, full choir, procession and a social to introduce the new Deacon who will be studying with us this summer. Lovely day.

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