Feast of Stephen

My daughter asked me today why we didn’t celebrate St. Stephen’s day this year and I said probably because the 26th was a Sunday, but then checked my missal and there is no mention of him at all, even on the 28th which when the Feast of the Holy Innocents was transferred to. Anybody know? Does Holy Innocents take precedence over the Feast of St. Stephen? I thought they were equal alternates.

St. Stephan’s feast day was on Sunday. This Sunday was the Feast of the Holy Family which superseded the saint’s feast day. That’s why you didn’t see anything. You will next year.

We have a mass for all the Deacons in our diocese on the feast of St. Stephan. We had our celebration last night and the mass was of the Holy Family, which is proper.

The Feast of the Holy Innocents isn’t transferred to Dec 28, it is on Dec 28, every year (except when Dec 28 is a Sunday, in which case Holy Innocents is omitted like the Feast of St. Stephen is this year).
Last year the Feast of St. John the Evangelist was omitted for the same reason.

Thanks to both of you! I’m de-confused.

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