Feast of the Holy Family

Looks as though most parishioners thought they only had to attend Mass at Christmas this year. We only had about 20 at Mass.

OTOH, we had 4 families bringing their babies to the Baptismal Font this morning. And the visiting priest gave a wonderful homily regarding parents’ responsibility in light of today’s readings.

He took every opportunity to catechize the assembly and even made the announcement that receiving Communion is the way we proclaim ourselves a community and members of the Catholic Church so 'Good Lutherans, Anglicans and members of the United Church would not want to proclaim something which is not true. Feel free to sit or to come forward, with arms crossed, for a blessing (OK, I do wish he’d left that last part out since it’s not at all something we do in our parish). Some non-Catholics still ignored him and received but probably not as many as if he hadn’t made the comment.

Our pastor would never make that announcement since he, himself, has been known to receive in the Anglican Church.

At our parish no announcement was made to make clear that there were separate obligations for Christmas and Sunday - but we didn’t have our regular Saturday evening Mass and I think most people knew, the catechesis in our parish is very good. We had high attendance at the 10 am Mass today, and I noticed at least one family there that normally goes to the Sat evening Mass.

Funny but where I attend the EF the size was in reverse: the Christmas EF had fewer people than normal, but today it was more than normal. (I don’t know how it went down at the OF Masses.)

I mentioned in another thread that the pastor (who happens to be a friend of mine) canceled the usual 5pm Saturday OF and replaced it with a 5pm Sunday OF, precisely to avoid any question about 2-fers. So, after Mass on Christmas (the EF is 9am), one fellow asked me if it “counted” for Sunday too. :shrug:

Our 9:00am Mass attendance was on the light side today. Our priest administrator commented on that fact by way of expressing appreciation for those who did attend. He gave an excellent homily on the second reading.

I must admit that when I woke up this morning I had to make a conscious effort to remember that this was Sunday and that it was a day of obligatory Mass attendance. I suspect my brain was experiencing some holiday overload. Even the dog (who always knows when it’s a Sunday because it’s her day to go the doughnut store with my husband) didn’t seem particularly inclined to wake up.

Sadly I didn’t make it today due to some kind of stomach crud (I am just now able to sity up and want to stay up so I can sleep at night). But we knew we should come and I think that the Masses may have been crowded. We didn’thave the usual Saturday Mass.

Our Church was full, even more people than usual,. since there was no vigil mass on Saturday, and part of that crowd was on the 9:30 Ordinary Form Mass.

I my grandchildren used to say, we are old fashioned die hard Catholics. The truth is that the priests work hard for that.

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