Feasts of Old Testament Saints

I think clebrating the feasts of Old Testament Saints is a very great practice, celebrating the Church’c roots going back to the Jewish people.
Can anyone vouch for these?
The Ramsgate book tells us of the feast days of Abraham (October 9), David (December 29), Moses (September 9) and Samuel (August 20), which are to be found listed in the Roman Martyrology. The Greeks celebrate a feast of David and all the ancestors of Jesus on December 19. Adam and Eve, December 24, are listed as having an approved cult.

breviary.com mentions Moses Sept. 4
Also, St. Elijah (Elias) is on July 20, the Coptic date of St. Joseph’s feast. I believe the Carmelites wear red on St. Elijah’s day to symbolize his future martyrdom for Christ (at the end of the world-two witnesses, with Enoch)

does anybody know anything about the blessing of cars on St. Elijah’s day? In the Melkite rite(?)?

If you give me some of the names you are looking for, I can tell you the feast day according to the 2004 Martyrology. The index is a too long to go through But here are a few:

1 July - Aaron
9 Oct - Abraham
19 Nov - Obadiah
16 Dec - Haggai
29 Dec- David
4 Sept - Moses
1 May - Jeremiah
22 July - Ezekiel
9 May - Isaiah
10 May - Job

And yes, December 24 does have “Commeoratio omnium sanctorum avorum Iesu Christi…”

The Greeks celebrate a feast of David and all the ancestors of Jesus on December 19. Adam and Eve, December 24, are listed as having an approved cult.


These two commemorations are the Second Sunday and Sunday before Christmas.

And it’s not “the Greeks”. All Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics, regardless of ethnicity, observe these days.

Properly Ss David, Joseph, and James are the Sunday AFTER Christmas.

There are many other commemorations of the righteous of the OT throughout the year.

As Cluny stated, the ancestors of Jesus are celebrated/remembered the Sunday before the Nativity (Christmas). My middle son’s patron saint is Good King Josiah the Tenderhearted, one of the ancestors of Christ, and we celebrate his name day then. :slight_smile:

Speaking of which…while commemorated in the liturgy (every mass in the Extraordinary Form and also in Eucharistic Prayer 1 of the Ordinary Form), why isn’t more popular devotion/attention given to the great figures of the Old Testament such as Abraham? Abraham is our father in faith…and ironically, his spiritual fatherhood of all Christians is much more explicitly taugh in Scripture than Our Blessed Lady’s spiritual motherhood of all Christians.

Credo, from the fisheaters forum, I know you’re watching me!
I read the fisheaters forum all the time. Tell the guys there that Ite ad Ioseph will be joining the ranks of the fisheaters in the future.
Seriously, I’m happy that my question got a remark that got remarked on fisheaters. Apparently I’m that awesome that I spark debates on other forums.

And yes, I the Old Testament Saints should be honored, and I believe the first way to do so would be to celebrate their feast days with a Mass, like every other saint.

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