Feasts of the Bl. Virgin Mary

The last time I tried this, I was mildly successful, so I thought I might as well try again.

I’m collecting texts for the Liturgy of the Hours for different feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary. If anyone has ones that are observed locally, or by a religious order in your parish, and could send them to me somehow (scans or photographs via email, snail mail(with me reimbursing for costs), post on the forum, pm me etc.) I would be very very grateful. The texts could also be of feasts which are on the universal Calendar but for which the diocese/order/congregation/etc. has different texts.

Ideally the texts would be in an approved English translation but should one not exist, another language would work (especially the major romance languages).

Here’s a list of some I have already, including some kindly sent to me by people on the forum

BVM, Mother of Divine Providence
BVM, Mother of Perpetual Help
BVM, Help of Christians
Holy Name of Mary
OL Mount Carmel
OL Refuge
BVM, Reconciler of Sinners
Mother of Divine Grace
Mother and Mediatrix of Grace
OL of the Pillar
OL of the Angels
BVM, Queen of Apostles
OL Mother of the SJ
BVM, Mother of Holy Hope
OL of Blessed Sacrament
OL Randsom (from the UK, but another would be welcome, since that is quite sparse)
OL Walsingham
OL Guadalupe
Espousal of the BVM

Not in English (so if you know of approved English texts that would be wonderful):
BVM, Mother thrice admirable
BVM, Mother of the Church
BVM, Queen of Peace
OL Lujan
OL Itati
OL of the Valley
OL Beauraing
OL du Rempart

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