Features and benefits of a Catholic education

Please help me:

I am writing up the features and benefits of a Catholic elementary education for a marketing brochure.

Please no negatives and no debate on this thread.

I could use outcome statistics also, such as


I remember reading once that cultural diversity was higher in Catholic schools as well… but the point that got me was the higher male teacher ratio when I was shopping for schools. For single mom’s this is important to have good male role models.

I did a research paper a few years ago on Catholic vs. public schools and some of the references I got were from the Milwaukee project with school vouchers… it had some good stuff! You might want to look there for some stats. Also… San Antonio and Albany had some good stats in their reports.

any links?

Our Catholic school is in the same boat - we are trying to come up with some advertisements and marketing items. For some unknown reason our diocese started consolidating (that is, closing) schools before they even tried beefing up enrollment through advertising and such!

I used a lot of information from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as well. The web address is www.archmil.org. Up at the top there is a menu - choose “education”. There are tons of printable posters, letters, radio spots, etc. on there. I wrote to them to ask permission to use their material and they said they were happy we could make use of it! Also, you can buy a marketing kit for $45 I am not sure what that includes but I think we are going to buy it so we don’t have to recreate something that already exists.

Try starting with your mission statement.

I think the most difficult part of all this (for us) is not irritating or creating a divide with the public school parents. It’s tough!

I will post more if I can think of anything else!

Some positives that I remember:

Lack of stress over back-to-school clothes shopping: uniforms took care of that and were a lot cheaper overall.

Love of the Mass and Catholic culture: honestly, that was the biggest thing I took away.

A solid emphasis on education: I was well prepared to be successful in high school after my Catholic elementary education.

Respect for diversity without it being forced: our school accepted non-Catholic students, and as such we had students who were Catholic, Protestant, E.Orthodox, Hindu, and Muslim from a number of ethnic backgrounds. We all learned by interaction with each other and by the examples set by the faculty and staff to respect each other as human beings. In the entire time that I was in Catholic school, I don’t ever remember hearing a racial, ethnic, or religious slur from anyone.

Having taught in both Catholic and non denom schools, I have noticed a better ethos where everyone is valued in the Catholic schools. There also seens to be more respect for authority. I think it is partly to do with coming together for prayers etc. This coming together adds to the sense of identity which children feel as being part of the whole. Does that make sense? Also sex-ed should be in line with the teaching of the Church as opposed to bein dictated by a government of a country.

This is from the Wichita diocese where I grew up and has outstanding Catholic schools. I would search around this website for more information.


Well, I know that the school I teach at can definitely boast higher test scores (standardized) and smaller teacher-student ratios. And of course, we can and do pray in school!

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