Feb. 25 - Day 6 - "emptying oneself of the spirit of the world'..."

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are now at the halfway point in the preliminary 12 days.

As we said at the beginning of our journey, 12 days is never enough time to “empty oneself of the spirit of the world” for it takes a lifetime of prayer and perseverance, but I believe St. Louis de Montfort has learned from the Lord that we cannot begin without “counting the cost”. We need to know that our greatest battle is within. We will be tempted, and we must choose daily.

St. Augustine in his book the “City of God”, wrote that there are two cities being built in the world: The City of God and the city of man. Those building the City of God, love God to the contempt of self. Those building the city of man love self, to the contempt of God.

St. Louis wants us to Love God above all. His motto was “God alone” and his life was consistent with his words. In paragraphs #118 - 119 of True Devotion St. Louis wrote:

  1. Having read nearly every book on devotion to the Blessed Virgin and talked to the most saintly and learned people of the day, I can now state with conviction that I have never known or heard of any devotion to our Lady which is comparable to the one I am going to speak of. No other devotion calls for more sacrifices for God, none empties us more completely of self and self-love, none keeps us more firmly in the grace of God and the grace of God in us. No other devotion unites us more perfectly and more easily to Jesus. Finally no devotion gives more glory to God, is more sanctifying for ourselves or more helpful to our neighbour.

  2. As this devotion essentially consists in a state of soul, it will not be understood in the same way by everyone. Some - the great majority - will stop short at the threshold and go no further. Others - not many - will take but one step into its interior. Who will take a second step? Who will take a third? Finally who will remain in it permanently? Only the one to whom the Spirit of Jesus reveals the secret. The Holy Spirit himself will lead this faithful soul from strength to strength, from grace to grace, from light to light, until at length he attains transformation into Jesus in the fullness of His age on earth and of His glory in heaven.

Please let us continue to pray for one another and for the Church, with Mary who is our Mother and Model, that we may grow during this Preparation for Total Consecration, in the Supernatural Faith, Hope and above all Charity given to us in Baptism. By God’s Grace, may we remain faithful, led by the Holy Spirit from strength to strength, grace to grace, from light to light, until at length we attain transformation into Jesus, in the fullness of His age on earth and of His glory in heaven.


Dear Tower,CameHome, Zack and Greenfields,

Thank you all for your “hearts” given yesterday. I really appreciated your taking time to let me know you found something “Good” to like in the post. Perhaps today’s post may bring the Joy of the Lord into your hearts as well. I will be quoting Scripture from Today’s Mass Reading which fit so perfectly into our need of Grace for the Journey. The Lord provides food for the hungry! :slight_smile:

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