Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states




:thumbsup: There are a ton of MS-13 gang members in Alexandria. I’m glad they are finally raiding around here.


Well, thank you for a reason to feel OK about this AClaire11, and thanks for your reply. Law enforcement is supposed to protect us from dangerous criminals, and to the extent these sweeps accomplished that I support them.

However, from the article:

“Officials said the raids targeted known criminals, but they also netted some immigrants without criminal records, an apparent departure from similar enforcement waves during the Obama administration. Last month, Trump substantially broadened the scope of who the Department of Homeland Security can target to include those with minor offenses or no convictions at all.”

The notion that law abiding, tax paying members of our community are subject to being “targeted”, removed from their homes by heavily armed agents of the state and abruptly deported….it just doesn’t sit well with me as an American. All because they are part of the 11 million that do not currently have all their documents in order. I don’t like the federal government behaving that way.

I’m no emigration lawyer, but it seems more humane to begin the hard work of policy reform to allow more people to get documents. Am I missing something here?


As a liberal :eek: I hope the employer of each person arrested is heavily fined.


If someone is here illegally, it doesn’t matter if they are paying taxes or not.


I do think that it is best to work from that angle, but after seeing them do nothing for years in this sanctuary city while the nearby neighborhood gets worse and worse, I’ll take any enforcement action at this point.


Their documents are not in order because they are here illegally!!!


Yeah, it’s not as if they simply misplaced their papers…


I have not been able to arrive at a decision on this whole immigration issue as far as Mexicans and South Americans go. I have no problem with the deportation of violent criminals, but for those who are not who are split apart from their families, I feel very badly for.

I am not a liberal, I consider myself center right. As a Catholic, I suppose I am conservative, or close to it. If I were close to several people who had come from South America illegally, and I had a chance to know what they face at home, I could better form an opinion.

I do know that I am saddened that there has to be this “climate of fear,” that families are afraid of being torn apart or live in uncertainty. We cannot pretend to understand what it is like unless we live it, hence my dilemma. I can only pray for them and hope for God’s will to be done.


I am sure you will be hearing sad stories of people being split from their families, but not many of those stories will question why they did not take steps to get legal for 10, 20 years or more.

I will never forget our local poster boy, Simon Rios. He was not deported despite being an illegal immigrant, a violent felon, and a repeat criminal. At least two of his children were US citizens, but it would have been in their interest to be separated from their father. In a four day span he kidnapped, raped and murdered one of this daughters friends, and then murdered his entire family–a total of five murders, four of them children ten and under. If anyone wants to argue for the right of Simon Rios to live wherever he pleases, go ahead. I will argue for the right to life of his five victims who could be alive today if we had deported a man who showed no interest in obeying the laws of our country.


I don’t care much for the sob stories. They knew what they were doing when they broke the law. Breaking the law has consequences. No one says we shouldn’t send people to jail because it will break up their families.


There’s no question we need policy reform. If we did, many of these raids may not be necessary. But there’s always going to be mistakes and inefficiencies when it comes to government including the police.

If everyone is patient and (dare I say it) charitable, the tensions here may go down quickly.


I do not see how they could pay taxes even if they wanted to, one must have a social security number/ taxpayer ID in order to file.

I would love to know how all these illegals are even getting hired on at regular, legit jobs, I know the low level minimum wage cashiers must go thru strict background check before hire, and must submit SS card, driver license, among other things, so Im not sure how someone without any of that can get hired on…unless the company makes exceptions with illegals and simply pass them thru, knowing they can pay them much less than MW.


They sometimes get fake SS numbers, and their withholdings get credited to someone else, and some employers are not that careful in checking.


Key points:

  1. The Obama administration stepped deportations, focusing the element whose criminal activity goes beyond immigration status.
  2. Trump goes beyond that, but not to the point of going after all 11 million - for obvious reasons.
  3. The unfortunate consequence - perhaps unanticipated by Trump, but anticipated by others such as the mayor of AustinTX - is that the communities will be less safe. Law enforcement relies on the cooperation of of the people to report the criminal activities of the “bad hombres”. Cooperation will be diminished when people feel at risk of deportation if the come forward.


That is why they buy/steal personal information, so they can be hired “legally.” Of course, by being hired “legally” with stolen information they are committing a felony. Ann Coulter had a good point about being able to put an end to this kind of situation; allow illegals to be able to sue employers for violating federal employment regulations.


Ask Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder, how he did it.


Make the Road New York, an immigrant advocacy group, told the media this evening that Immigration and Customs Enforcement sweeps on Staten Island netted five Mexican nationals in the past week and a half—coinciding with similar actions across the nation.

The raids took place on February 2, February 3, February 5 and February 8, according to speakers on the press call. All five individuals taken by ICE officers were male, and four of them have children who are U.S. citizens, the group reported.

Make the Road believes several of the men are now in New Jersey detention centers.
“What we’ve seen is that the incidents in Staten Island are consistent with what we’ve seen with the surge of ICE activity in the last week,” Theo Oshiro, deputy director of Make the Road New York said.

Immigration authorities arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in at least six states in raids this past week, pursuant to an executive order Trump signed last month.

That fiat expanded the category of immigrants lacking proper paperwork that federal authorities would target for arrest and expulsion. Rather than focusing, as President Barack Obama did, on individuals with violent criminal convictions, ICE now has a mandate to nab undocumented immigrants if they have ever been accused of any crime, even “where such charge has not been resolved.”

Trump has also signed executive orders that call for the construction of a wall on the Mexican border and federal funding cuts for sanctuary cities, which offer safe haven to undocumented immigrants.

Carlos Vargas, a member of Make the Road New York’s legal services team, said that in one case, two plainclothes officers approached a “hardworking” father at 5:30 a.m., showed him a few pictures of people for whom they were looking and subsequently arrested and detained him.



All illegal thugs who belong to these gangs should be rounded up and sent packing…as well as those individuals with a criminal history…as for those who are working here to better themselves and their families I don’t have problem with that…G W Bush did try to push through reform when he was President that would have allowed long term illegal immigrants a path to citizenship through a pretty lengthy process…naturally nothing happened to the bill as his own party was…and still is paranoid about anything that they see as “amnesty”…even if it makes sense…and it wasn’t amnesty…at least he did try…maybe we wouldn’t be in the same mess now if he had been given half a chance…at least he showed some compassion for the plight of those just wanting a better life for their families





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