Federal appeals court strikes down gay marriage bans in Idaho, Nevada


BREAKING: Federal appeals court strikes down gay marriage bans in Idaho, Nevada.

This was expected.

Ninth Circuit Districts

  1. Alaska
  2. Arizona
  3. Central District of California
  4. Eastern District of California
  5. Northern District of California
  6. Southern District of California
  7. Guam
  8. Hawaii
  9. Idaho
  10. Montana
  11. Nevada
  12. Northern Mariana Islands
  13. Oregon
  14. Eastern District of Washington
  15. Western District of Washington

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2 states (ID, NV) affected by 9th Circuit ruling for gay marriage; 3 more (AK, AZ, MT) likely to fall in line; would bring total to 35

35 is a bit of a ‘magic number.’ The SCOTUS stepped in and made interracial marriage legal throughout the USA after 34 states made it so.


I didn’t know that… did they give any reason why that was the number they waited for?


Not really. 2/3rds of the states is what is necessary for a constitutional amendment, might have something to do with it. But just speculation at this point.


[sign]** it’s about time !!!** [/sign]


It moved a lot faster then I imagined; I figure it would take at least ten years before all the states recognized gay marriage; I can see it happening now within the next 2 years. America is evolving.


Sad day for America. :(:frowning:


Yup. They finally got us.:mad::mad:


Catholics can’t support same-sex marriage. Today is the day of Our Lady of The Rosary, one just has to fight on, pray on as the Christians in early Rome did.


Check this out.


I agree with you it’s time in regards to what is legal in society. And I concur with gamewell45 about the evolving of America on this issue and how quickly it has come about. That’s actually one reason why I put little stock in arguments about past votes cast to ban others the right to SSM. The views of many Americans have changed since many of those votes were cast. And I agree with Pathfinder that Catholics can fight on. Catholics don’t have to support SSM any more than Catholics have to support the legal right to an abortion. Faithful Catholics can indeed fight on. Many people oppose any number of laws. Catholics have the liberty to continue to not perform SSM in their churches and to celebrate Catholic sacramental marriage. Others with different beliefs will have the religious liberty to celebrate SSM within their faith communities and have them recognized by the state just as Catholic marriages are.


Justice Kennedy blocks gay marriage ruling for Idaho, Nevada


Of course, all this is happening by judicial fiat, not by states individually recognizing gay marriage. In Kansas, for example, the vote of the people was 70% in favor of a state constitutional amendment recognizing marriage as only between one man and one woman. Yet it is likely that gay marriage will simply be imposed on the state through raw judicial power, another state falling involuntarily to the gay machine.

Except for a few states, the entire gay marriage agenda has been imposed through judicial force. How much longer will people tolerate simply being ignored and pushed around by the courts?

In the Roe v Wade decision, the dissent called it an “exercise in raw judicial power.” Gay marriage will be imposed in the same way.


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