Federal grant to USCCB to provide legal aid to unaccompanied minors [CWN]


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will receive a federal grant of over $4 million over the next two years to provide legal aid to unaccompanied immigrant children who have …



To me, it seems a strange thing for the USCCB to be doing. If it provides legal representation to illegal immigrants, it’s basically fighting the government of the U.S. (theoretically at least) with the taxpayers’ money in cases in which the government really does not care to enforce the law. Whether the clients’ cases are meritorious or not, the USCCB will be complicit in what it has to know is largely a charade being carried out for political purposes.

One is sometimes put to wonder whether the USCCB thinks of itself primarily as a social services branch of government or perhaps even a servitor of the political purposes of this administration.


Wow! Your statement seems a bit harsh, if not hostile. This is needed aid for unaccompanied immigrant children. This is the work of the Lord.

Peace to all and God Bless.


Apparently Catholics and Catholic organizations are only supposed to apply Christ’s teachings to legal immigrants and US citizens.

Things Christ didn’t actually say- “But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the legal little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God; the illegal little children I don’t really care about.”


Good for the USCCB.

As oldcatholicguy stated, Christ didn’t tell us to only pay attention to all of the legal children.

Remember, in the Old Testament Jews are instructed to leave the dropped fruit in the vineyard for the poor and immigrants who pass through.


And good to the Feds for awarding the grant to the USCCB…but, don’t expect to hear many people, even here, applauding the Feds, because while many are quick to jump on the Federal government when it does not appear to be supporting the Church, they are just as likely to remain silent when something positive comes out of government.


Is it your position, then, that the USCCB should facilitate the immigration into this country of everyone who wants to come; that no U.S. law should oppose that and that it’s the “work of the Lord” to do it?

Please be candid. If it’s so, then just say it.


Barack Obama is not Jesus. The biblical citation does not apply.

Are you truly saying Christ taught (directly or indirectly) that the citizens of a country are obliged to allow immigration into their country without limitation, legal or otherwise?


Christ taught that we are obliged to care for those who can not care for themselves. Our legal system has inbuilt safeguards to ensure those who are not deemed legally competent (like children) have their rights protected and looked out for by someone the court holds to be legally competent.

Are you trying to claim that unlike children who immigrate here legally or are US citizens children who are here illegally do not need legal protections or guardians appointed to look out for their interests because they are legally competent in the eyes of the law?


I don’t have a problem with the provision of lawyers by the government, since we provide lawyers for indigent criminals, and I don’t have a problem with the USCCB’s picking up a government contract, per se, but I am confused about one aspect of this: what if one of these lawyers felt the “client” didn’t have a leg to stand on?

The acceptance of all clients, with no evaluation, on behalf of the USCCB, seems imprudent.


I would imagine this has more to do with the children not being recognized as legally competent and therefore requiring a legal advocate. That said, “no leg to stand on”- fill out the paperwork truthfully, represent the client truthfully in court, and not be surprised when their refugee status is denied.


Oh, that makes sense… silly me :oops:


I think it’s pretty clear that some of these are not really children. Of those who really are children, one can ask from what, exactly, they need legal protection? Being sent back to the countries from which they came before Obama invited them to break the law and come here? That’s the threat they’re facing; being returned to the life they had previously, and with which they lived until they or someone else paid a very large sum of money to coyotes to bring them here.

Why did they think this was the time to pay the coyotes to bring them here? Because Obama has declared that he will not deport children who come here illegally, despite the fact that the law says he must.

And so, the USCCB accepts money from a government that is otherwise oppressive to the Church and all it stands for, in order to aid the government in circumventing the law. It is circumventing the law because Obama promised them and their relatives he would help them do that. There is not the least possibility at all that the government will actually rigorously enforce the immigration laws, so it’s a double fraud. And the USCCB is willing to be part of it.

Who is the opposing party? The people of the United States. But they get no voice in it despite widespread opposition to it because Obama has decided he will not obey the law like everyone else is obliged to do. The bishops of the United States versus the people of the United States. That fact will not be lost on many.

Yes, these children, teens and adults from Central America and (apparently) the Middle East and Asia, would be much more likely to prosper economically here than in their own countries, just as I would do if I was an illegal immigrant in Lichtenstein. Those from the Middle East possibly have different agendas from that anyway. But that’s true of most of the people in the world, and it isn’t without cost to others.

It’s a cost to the countries they leave, as it robs them of the young people who would soon be the most capable workers in the economy. It’s a cost to people in this country as they receive public support, perhaps for years. To the extent the USCCB lawyers succeed in keeping some child here when the only reason he/she would be allowed to do it is the reluctance of this government to enforce the law, it is placing a burden on others who are going to be obliged by the state to support them. There is no merit in giving away your neighbor’s job or his money.

The reality of it is that this is a political scam and known by nearly everyone to be one. Hard for me to believe the NCCB doesn’t know that.


The lawyer will present the best case he can for the client, no matter what. He is obliged to do that, and will do it. So if, for example, one claims to be a “refugee” which, of course, all will, then the lawyer will present that with everything he can muster to make it seem like reality. That’s his job.


Sounds good to me.

The Govt. already gives millions in grants to Catholic Charities in charitable work with the immigrant, and rightly so.

Helping the immigrant is a key feature of Catholic Social Teaching.


Obeying the law is as well. So is keeping your hands off the resources of others.

Are you really saying the Church in America is obliged to aid every immigrant who manages to come to this country, no matter what? What basis, then, would it have to not aid every one who simply wants to come here? Should the Church pay the coyotes, perhaps, to bring more in? After all, that would “help the immigrant” too.

I think USCCB is going outside its moral mandate in accepting money to "lawyer up"people who broke the law, knew they were doing it, and who will be supported here by others and knew that too. These people paid a great deal of money to criminals in order to get here, but this government is going to take the money of law-abiding citizens in order to bring the enterprise to full fruition. This government will no more try to enforce the law in this than it tried to defend DOMA. Very hard to imagine the USCCB people don’t know that.

And from a government that has such contempt for the Church that it disqualified Catholic charities from grants to aid victims of sex trafficking for the sole reason that the charities would not make abortion referrals?


Caring for the bodily and spiritual needs of illegal immigrants is one thing,but it is another to provide legal aid for them to stay in the country and become citizens. The nation is not the Church,and there is not a consensus among the citizens,or even among devout Christians,that illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay. Nations and local communities have an interest in preserving themselves from being flooded with foreigners whose presence
undoes the culture and its character. Since this country is so large and diverse in race and culture,many people are not concerned about it being flooded with foreigners. But the harmful effects of uncontrolled immigration are seen and felt in many local communities. People don’t like seeing their communities taken over by people from outside. The place they are accustomed to living in ceases to feel like home,and feels instead like another country where they don’t belong. It defeats the purpose of having a nation or a town to let it be flooded with people from outside. Even if they become assimilated,their very presence undermines the original culture.


But isn’t caring for our own important too? Apparently something like 60,000 children arrived in just a few months. The sudden need to accomodate over 10,000 students, whose education costs more than the average student, is a terrible imposition on communities and taxpayers.

Additionally, many of these children were brought in by coyotes at $5000 to $8000 each! If the families had these types of resources, it doesn’t seem like they really needed to leave their countries.


I guess that way I see it is that as individuals, we should be kind to immigrants. But the government has a different function, which is protecting the nation.

As an individual, I am obliged to help a sick person as much as I am able (and I am not obligated to endanger myself in doing so), but the government is supposed to watch out for us and quarantine the dangerously ill.

Our duties are related to our relationships to the individuals involved–those who are in authority have different concerns and different duties.

I do feel like a lot of bishops don’t get that. And sometimes they seem “as innocent as doves” bit forgetting about “as wise as snakes.”


You are thinking correctly and I will go one step further! It doesn’t just “seem” strange! It is politically tied to “Obamasepsis” of fundamentally changing America! The charade is being played out in every area of importance to our country.

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