Federal Inteference

What methods does the Federal Government use to interfere with free speech and practice of religion on CA?

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They don’t. Why would you think they did?

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What facts do you use to back up your claim that they don’t?

What facts do you have to back up your claim that they do? You’re the one claiming they do, so the burden of proof is on you.


Has CA ever been fined by the executive branch of the Federal Government?

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Insofar as I know, no. Even then fining does not necessarily count as interfering with CA’s free speech and religion. The rights to free speech and religion are not unlimited in the US.

How would we know? We don’t work for CAF.

If you don’t have a news story saying this happened, you should PM a moderator or email CAF at their contact address and ask.


Thanks for letting me know what you don’t know. That’s worth something.

Now, is fining the only method of regulation the Feds use (NSA stuff aside–we already know that they interfere in communications–probably illegally).

I imagine they can issue cease and desist orders. I also suggest you read up on the FCC.

In terms of subversive speech, or online content ‘the Feds’ dislike, a bunch of Catholic nerds bickering about the SSPX, marriage annulments, how Eucharistic ministers should dress, and sharing memes in the ‘Casual’ section would be pretty low on the list…


I can scarcely imagine that the Federal Government cares about Catholic Answers. Can you? How do you think they would or could interfere?

Did you know that labor laws allow employers to hand over employment records upon demand by the governing authority?

This is all part of the regulatory framework.

Yeah, the only thing Feds likely care about is whether people under 13 are on here being exposed to adults, adult content, and ads.

This question is better for Catholic Answers itself, not its’ forum.
Catholic Answers is a Catholic Apostolate, so the ultimate answer would rest with the Bishop of the Archdiocese Catholic Answers functions through.

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It’s a nonprofit. There are laws and regulations which govern. Title 26 to start.

And even then, the Mods would squash and report that pretty quick – CAF is totally set against that and wouldn’t allow such content or activity


and your comments have nothing to do with the OP.

Since when is it required to provide evidence that something didn’t occur?

Well , change the questions to “What can they do” instead of “What do they do”.

It’s a first amendment issue.

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