Federal judge orders Vick to pay Canadian bank $2.4 million

It’s hard to feel too sorry for a multi-millionaire but still I thought Vick’s punishment well exceeded his crime. Now he gets even more punishment.

news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080509/ap_ … ck_lawsuit

My heart feels so sorry for him.

NOT! !!!
What about those poor dogs ?

It’s not more punishment for the same crime. It’s a different situation that happens to be happening to the same guy already in trouble for something else.

It’s a situation that banks are using to extort money from customers and it’s not just people like Vick. It’s regular everyday people who get laid off, lose their jobs and even change to a different company. The wording in the contract Wachovia bank uses, which is the bank in question in the Vick case, states that ANY change in employment status counts as a default on the loan. This would include getting traded to a different team if he was still playing in the NFL. Credit card companies are also doing this, and in my opinion it is usury. Get out the fine print contract that came with your credit card, or on your last loan. You will probably find similar language in there and some banks will become predators even if you are just simply switching companies for whom you work.

From the article:

The Royal Bank of Canada sued Vick in September, arguing his guilty plea to a federal dogfighting charge — and the resulting impact on his career — prevented him from repaying the loan.

Defaulting is defaulting. This isn’t he has money in the bank and is paying from jail, and the bank is mad that his return address has changed. This is he is not paying on the loan anymore and is in default. I don’t see this as piling on, I see it as consequence for decisions have been made.

If you don’t read the fine print and still sign - that’s on you. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to borrow money under certain terms. If you don’t like the terms of the contract then don’t sign the contract.

If I did something illegal and went to jail and could not pay my mortgage, I’d lose my house. I can’t yell, “No fair,” nor can Mr. Vick.

It’s that whole Personal Responsibility thing I am always on about.

If he had not been punished excessively he would not be in prison and out of work and ergo he would be able to pay off his loans. I know. You and to some extent I resent his formerly big income but he doesn’t deserve all of this.


No, no, no, now I don’t care if he makes more money than Bill Gates. More power to him. Make a gazillion bucks a second if you can, all good. I have no beef at all with anyone’s prosperity. That’s not it at all. Even if Mr. Vick would not have gotten jail time for the dog fighting, I think he would have been fired and maybe he’d be in the same or similar financial position and still be facing this.

My whole thing is to not adopt the “poor criminal” attitude, and explain to others why they should not adopt it either.

I’m more of a “take your lumps” and “lie in the bed you made” sort of guy.

I think he got off easy. Those helpless dogs were tortured. He simply has to spend some time in prison.

Again, just look at the fine print that came with your credit card. Even if you are able to pay back the credit card, or in Vick’s case the loan, which he is definitely able to, the bank contract considers any change in employment status as a default on the loan. The banks under their contract can raise interest rates, foreclose, or in the case of vick take him to court for full payment immediately.

Answer me this. If his change in job status makes him unable to make the loan payments, where is he going to get the 2.4 million from? What the bank did happens to people a lot. One of my friends lost his home when he changed jobs even though it was to a job that paid more money. He had never been late on a payment, but the fine print was such that even changing jobs was considered a default. Another friend of mine who was out on the family medical leave act to have a child, was sent a bill from the credit card company for the entire remaining balance of around $6,000. She called the card company up, and they said in their contract that since she was on unpaid leave, that it counted as a default on the credit card, and that she needed to pay the balance in full or it would be sent to collections. She also was never late on her payments and in fact usually paid more than just the minimum.

What this bank has done is something that is done by banks all over and it is evil.

His punishment for dog fighting should have been to throw him in with the dogs…

It’s not as evil as hanging, electrocuting, and drowning helpless animals.

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