Federal Judge refuses to stop mail-in voting in Montana

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Gasps! This could lead to higher voter participation! :hushed:

Who wants that?


Montana has interesting Political Dynamics

Democratic Governor since 2005 ( Seat up for Election )

Split Senate:
Democrat for 14 Years
Republican for 6 years ( Seat up for Election )

Only has 1 House of Representatives:
Republican ( Seat up for Election )

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We have had mail in voting in my state for years. I drop my ballot in a drop box outside the elections office.

Montana is a big state, but not a big population.

I would think they could handle the counting of mail
in voting. My state has over 6 million people more than they do.

Some will probably vote at the polls. Not sure how many registered voters are in the state of Montana.

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Yeah now even pets, recently deceased, and Micky Mouse can vote in Montana. I can’t wait!

Not with you there.

Perhaps you are referring to some claiming that a ballot came when they were actually referring to a form for requesting a ballot.

If that is your concern, then don’t worry. Request forms are not ballots.

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The Judge still seems to base his idea that widespread mail in ballots will be free from any skullduggery, which I still contend to be a bit shortsighted.

What do you think is inadequate about their present ballot security measures?

Voting in general includes a possibility of fraud. I’d assume at least 1% of votes in any election are discarded. As you increase the points of contact with third parties (via mail, electronic voting, etc.) the rates of fraud increase dramatically.

Particularly given how tense the current election is, I think it’s best to minimize the danger of bad vote counts.

In person voting may involve the possibility of excessively long waits (was up to 8 hours here in the last election), being stuck out in the elements for that time, lost wages, voting machines that cease to function, and exhaustion of provisional ballots when this happens.

These are not hypothetical situations that I am imaging, but events from the previous election. Thankfully, these were not my experiences. I voted with absentee ballot and escaped all of this. One of my friends had to deal with this drama. Her voting time was at 2 hours. But she was outside experiencing hostile weather for this period.

For this upcoming election, I already have my absentee ballot in hand. But I am going to try in person voting. If there are problems, then I have the absentee ballot to fall back on. I dont plan on involving the USPS.

I think it would be generally good if there were more opportunities to vote, including through polls being open for more days. Unfortunately, over the past several years, changes in the opposite direction have occurred in some states. I think that reducing opportunities to vote would hurt more than help.

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Is it not fair to assume that if the state sent out a form, it will accept it when it is returned for a ballot?

Is it fair to assume the state sent out the forms?

I feel like some other false stories are playing a role in these exchanges.

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