Federal judge ruling strikes part of HB 1523

A federal judge on Monday ruled that clerks in Mississippi may not recuse themselves from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples based on religious beliefs.

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves issued Monday a permanent injunction barring Mississippi from denying same-sex marriage licenses, meaning no circuit clerk or staff member clerk can deny a gay couple a marriage license even if House Bill 1523 is in effect.


The time for mass disobedience is coming upon us with each step of the tyrannical federal government.

I agree, but the big question is, WILL we disobey or just ‘go along to get along’?

My opinion, some may try it at first, but once it becomes a bit too inconvenient, or their jobs, home or freedom is in danger over being arrested, they will give in and obey. Like it or not, the Govt has majority of the population right where they want them, in NO position to rebel or disobey. (this is no coincidence it is this way either).

If one feels they cannot morally discharge the duties of their occupation, they should find other employment.

This is another case of Northern treachery. The South has tolerated 151 years of federal control over them. How much longer can they tolerate it?

How about when the State of Mississippi is no longer the state that is the most dependent on Federal dollars?

Principles should come before money.

If someone gets a job that is not morally problematic for them, and then a court reaches a decision that requires them to do something that is morally problematic for them and that they were not required to do before, they should not have to find another job. The law should protect their religious freedom.

The problem is that it is the morally bankrupt that decide the “duties of their obligation.”

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