Federal judge weighs whether to end Michigan recount


Federal judge weighs whether to end Michigan recount cbsn.ws/2gCCN41


If the judge stops the count it will likely be appealed. Is the Supreme Court on the horizon? IMHO, it is looking more likely.


Board of Canvassers tells SOS to stop recount if judge rules

LANSING — The state Board of Canvassers voted 3-1 to tell the state’s director of elections to stop a recount of presidential ballots if a U.S. District Judge rules that the recount should stop.

The board began their day Wednesday by going into closed session to determine what they need to do in light of a state Court of Appeals ruling that they shouldn’t have allowed a recount of nearly 4.8 million ballots cast for president go forward.

The board recessed initially until 1 p.m. to wait for a ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith, who ordered the recount to go forward by noon Monday. At 1:30, the board recessed until 4 p.m. while they continued to wait for a ruling from Goldsmith, who said he will issue a written opinion on the recount.

When they reconvened at 4 p.m. - still without a ruling from Goldsmith - Colleen Pero, one of the Republicans on the Board of Canvassers said that they had already given the Secretary of State authority to run the recount and they should give them authority to stop it so that an estimated 2,600 county workers don’t head to their counting stations Thursday morning. By Thursday, 34 counties will be recounting the ballots cast for president.



BREAKING: Federal judge lifts order that had allowed Michigan’s recount, effectively ending it.



Court order is here



Interestingly enough, initial reports state that the 4 counties that had completed their recount ADDED Trump votes.

Those will not be added to the official totals now that the recount has been suspended.


this has all been such an unnecessary mess! :eek:


It is nowhere near over. According to the article, an appeal is already planned.


this doesn’t have the suspense of Gore/Bush. All theatrics!


Just my take on things, but I am concerned that it could turn ugly. Our national division is the most severe that I have seen in my 59 years.


it will get ugly because the left can’t understand how they lost. they misread the American people. sore losers so they plan to make life ugly for the rest of us!


There was never any real sense in this. I wish the court would/could order Jill Stein personally, and such of the Clinton people as were in on this, to pay the $3 million they have cost the state of Michigan so far.


As I’ve said before, this whole re-count thing is a stunt designed to steal the legitimate voices of Michigan voters. The Green Party is the stalking horse for the Democrat Party who put up a flawed candidate for president. That candidate lost. The Green Party candidate lost as well (by a margin of almost 99% of the votes cast in Michigan).Republicans and conservatives in almost every category in the down ballot also won in Michigan by surprising numbers: State House and Senate, Justices, County Clerks, Drain Commissioners, you name it. The dems LOST. It’s time for them to admit it and drop this ridiculous maneuver. Taking this to appeal is more than just a legal maneuver, it’s thievery because the people of the state of Michigan will be forced to pay for the unnecessary re-count. If anyone should be forced to go to court it should be Jill Stein and her clown party. Michigan should sue them for more than the cost of the recount, they should sue them for damages too. It’s time to put this stalking horse party out of business!


Prodded along by George Soros.This will not end anytime soon.The fact that the Dem machine and all of its operatives and underhand actions STILL couldn’t pull off a victory for HC,I see Divine intervention .God Bless America​:us::pray:


I also see Divine Intervention. :slight_smile:


The media


You should fly your ballot papers to the UK, we can recount them in hours, and put them on the next plane to you. When we have recounts I’m not aware that it costs much - if anything at all. Most of the counters are volunteers - my late Mum & Dad did it once.

If you have 5 parties why do the big two oppress the others?

Why do “primaries” lumber parties with the kind of candidates they do? :confused:


The media


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