Federal mediator?

We need a Federal Mediator to solve the disagreements between the Democrats and the Republicans, that is, for the debt ceiling and taxes et cetera.

Also, I would like a president, especially in their second term, to be an American citizen and stop being in a party.

Here is an improvement, once elected the they must stop being a party member. That is for all elected official.

What do you think?

Presidents, whether first or second term, ARE citizens – you can’t run for President if you’re not.

How can you make someone stop being in a party? They’re always going to have allegience to the folks that nominated them in the first place! Anyone who said, “I’m not going to have allegience to any party”, would never be nominated!

I think he means stop putting the interests of their party ahead of the interests of the people.

Saying “I would like a President . . . to be an American citizen,” especially in the context of this presidency, is a pretty clear statement. I thought the mods had said to stop that nonsense, but I could be wrong on that.

I am the OP.

I am not trying to cause fights, sorry.

I would want Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama to be a president, not a Rep. or Dem.

I want them to rule USA as a citizen and not a Rep. or Dem.

I did not know that the moderators were against such ideas.

If they to stop this, by all means stop it.

I just did not know about such a regulation-----SORRY!


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