Federal officials ban ‘God’, ‘Jesus’ at funeral services, claim outraged veterans

Here is the link to this outrageous story:


Not sure how they think they will actually get away with this. It is disgraceful!

I flat out don’t believe this story. Even less that it was ordered by Obama.

I’m sorry, but why don’t you believe it? It comes from a credible news source, and the veterans organizations listed are also very credible. As far as the president involvement is concerned, he is the CEO of the federal gov’t., so even if he is not directly involved, it is happening on his watch.

The VA, in response to the lawsuit, said that prayers invoking God and Christ are welcome and common at VA cemeteries. The sticking point has to do with VA sponsored honor guards, and whether they are allowed to say religious prayers. Technically, yes, they are. But there seems to be a Catch-22 situation.

Among the allegations raised in a federal civil suit against VA is a claim that Ocasio did not allow volunteer honor guards to recite prayers at funerals without approval of the deceased veteran’s family.

The catch, according to the suit, was that the honor guards couldn’t get approval because they were forbidden from providing optional texts to the families for consideration.

Cemetery guidelines released by VA on Thursday appeared to confirm that VA’s National Cemetery Administration does not allow volunteer honor guards to submit any texts to veterans’ families for review.


The judge is expected to rule on the lawsuit tomorrow, July 15th.

Well, the title of this thread does omit mentioning that the charge hasn’t been substantiated, and at this point is an allegation in a lawsuit. The story is more than two weeks old at this point, and perhaps waiting another day isn’t a bad idea to see how the judge sorts things out.

As well as making this sound like some wide spread crack-down on prayer. This was one administrator, at one Veterans cemetary.

I am usually on the other side of this issue but in this case, I don’t know why the honor guard would be saying the prayers anyway. I am a military brat and have been to many military funerals. The chaplain’s corp provides a clergyperson (any religion you choose) to lead the prayers at the cemetary. Or, of course, you can bring your own. I look to the clergyman (priest in most of the funerals I have attened) for the prayer; the honor guard for the military honors.

One person hardly constitutes “federal officials.” Calm down. The eejits we will always have with us.

As pointed out frequently on this forum, the particular site is a partisan news source, often overstates its case and can be somewhat bombastic.

CBS News?

CBS News reports that the chapel at the cemetery “has allegedly been closed, its cross and Bible removed, and it is now said to be used as a ‘meeting space’ when it is unlocked at all.”

OK, I could see that. CBS News are shameless partisans who frequently overstate the case and can be bombastic.

If they get away with this it will be ENTIRELY our fault for being so weak that we allow every sin and offense in the name of ‘tolerance.’

Actually, the title of the thread is the title of the news story, which I then link to directly in my post. I did not realize the story was two weeks old, but two weeks for a story such as this is not really that “old”, especially since the judge, as you mention, is still sorting things out.

But the veterans organizations, too? I can’t imagine they are overstating their concerns.

Your title is close to the headline of the article you cited, but as I pointed out, you dropped the key phrase “claim outraged veterans.” Doing so does change impressions.

I did not just decide to just “drop” this to change impressions. I was genuinely concerned that I would exceed the character limit for the post’s title. Since this is the first topic I have posted, I am new at this. I also assumed that those who were interested in the topic would click on the link to read the story in its entirety.

Furthermore, the word “claim” must be used in such a news story for legal reasons - until a judge has ruled on the case, it remains only a “claim” on the part of these groups. However, since the veterans groups involved are certainly credible organizations, their “claim” is certainly one that should be taken into reasonable consideration.

The story is a couple of weeks old and is very much true. Try looking up the story in the Houston Chronicle. the director of the VA cememtary has banned the use of God or the name of Jesus in funeral services, she has closed the chapel and removed the bible.
She was appointed by the Obama administration.

No, lifesitenews

LOL I live in Houston and it is 100% true. We had a very large ecumenical prayer rally at the National Cemetery here on July 4th and we spoke the name of God and Jesus again and again. We prayed and sang hymns, and the news media covered it.

It was not ordered by Obama. It was the Director of the Cemetery who started interfering with the funeral services. There are actions being taken to have her removed, I’m not sure how far along in the process those are.

Rally in Houston

Who cited CBS News.

lifesitenews is anything but a credible news source; it is in fact a heavily biased news source, which puts its own ‘spin’ on nearly everything it reports.

That’s allowed in this country, freedom of the press, y’know.

No doubt the real, unbiased story is substantially different.

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