Federal officials ban ‘God’, ‘Jesus’ at funeral services, claim outraged veterans

[LEFT]VA agrees not to interfere with holiday prayers

Agency backs down after losing court fight over pastor’s mention of Jesus in Memorial Day invocation at Houston cemetery

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Houston Veterans Claim Censorship of Prayers, Including Ban on ‘God’ and 'Jesus’


Veterans BANNED from saying ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ at military funerals

I have to wonder if all the lifesite criticism’s stem from the fact that because it takes the holocaust of abortion seriously that those who don’t understand the horror of abortion, can’t possibly take it that credibly. Sure there are time(s) when there might some misrepresentations but perhaps that is because the “reporters” are not journalism graduates.

No doubt that is what it is based on. . The mental gyrations engaged in by those who claim to be pro-life but vote pro-abortion is a terrible thing to behold

This is another attempt to slowly anesthetize all of us into imagining that our country should–or even more ludicrous–always has been, a country devoid of all religion, a country not originally founded on freedom OF religion, but freedom FROM religion. If that was the intention of our founding fathers (which these advocates vehemently proclaim), then how do we explain that at one time, with obvious admiration our cities were named after our Saints, i.e. Santa Monica, St. Paul, St Augustine, and Corpus Christi (literally “Body of Christ”) to name only a few! In order to hide what is self-evident even at first blush, we would have to raze the National Cathedral and the United States Supreme Court building which has Moses, the Ten Commandments, and other references to our religious heritage carved within the very walls (Judeo-Christian ethics/influence only since the 40’s? I don’t think so)! Our nation has exuded, since its formation, the spirit of religious friendliness, not of religious hostility. There are among us Christians who must come to realize that there are many who are rewriting our nation’s history for us–and in it there is no room for God–or for our Savior, Christ Jesus. There is, more and more, a bold and fervid hostility against our faith from atheistic groups that want nothing more than a society that emasculates Christianity into a private home, hush-hush faith, and they have seemingly endless coffers in allies like the ACLU to try to help them try to accomplish it. Unfortunately for them, this is in direct contradiction to and conflict with our right to religious expression, and even more importantly, the direct command of Christ to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” I am all for non-believers having the right not to believe and to openly express their disbelief. Freedom demands it. It’s just that 76% of Americans identify themselves as Christians, and we have those same rights–to believe and openly express our Christian faith and heritage. Freedom that is true freedom demands this, too.

That is calumny, unless you have evidence for such a claim.

Nope. At least not me. I know about journalistic standards.

Then let’s stop treating it here as if it puts out news articles and call what it writes opinion.

Yes. Dismissing such an act is what led us to the sorry state we are now in. This is how freedom erodes—one small outrage at a time.

I remember reading it was one single atheist crank who brought suit against a public school because, horrors, children were PRAYING. She kept getting the suit kicked upstairs, and now look at the result. This occurred in the 1940s!

No, LifeSiteNews has a terrible reputation because of a distinct tendency to exaggerate in its headlines, and in its articles to omit key facts while twisting other facts.

LifeSite covers a great many stories unrelated to abortion, such as this one. Just because it sometimes covers abortion related stories doesn’t mean that it provides reliable reporting on other matters.

You need to get a grip on reality, pal.

The late Adlai Stevenson said, “Accuracy is to a newspaper what virtue is to a woman - but the newspaper can always print a retraction.”

Every story this outfit prints is cut, bent, and mutilated to fit their own agenda, and if they’ve EVER printed a retraction, I’m not aware of it.

As another poster correctly pointed out, they’re not journalists, they haven’t the slightest grasp of the basic principles of journalism.

Accounts of this particular story from more reliable sources have been substantially different, though admittedly those accounts do not agree on every detail.

In other words, they are like the New York Times? Just what about the story that was posted here was unreliable?

I was thinking about this after our discussion yesterday. Is there any publication that is considered neutral by everyone? Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN lean to the left. Fox News, News Max, Drudge Report lean to the right. I think the New York Times is usually pretty good, but my Dad swears it is on the left.

Is it possible for any news outlet to be completely objective? :confused:

The truth is no there is no publication that is totally objective and this has been true of journalism from the day the first report was scratched on a piece of papyrus. The idea that somehow journalism was more objectiveand professional prior to the rise of cable news and the Internet is nonsense. . The only difference between the Objectiveand the bias of New York Times is the New York Times pays its writers to couch their bias in more lofty prose.

I think the mainstream press strives toward balance and accuracy and has a code demanding such. The media responds to allegations of bias and false light. You cannot say the same about partisan news organizations which have an axe to grind.

There is a world of difference.

Lifesitenews isn’t exactly an non-partisan news publication.

As I’m sure most of us in here will admit, there are at least three sides to every story; their side, our side and the truth. Lets all be patient and see what transpires when the courts make their ruling.

Many of the sources you list are engaged in news aggregation, not journalism. Many of the sources you list offer commentary and opinion that people tend to conflate with news.

I know about legal standards, but that doesn’t make me a lawyer. Did you study journalism while you were studying the law?

Well CAF continues to cite their articles as official news sources. As for opinion, every major MSM has lots of opinion articles too.

And you need to be charitable instead of posting ad-hominems.

Well, somewhat concurrently. I worked as a journalist for years before law school, so one could say that I know of what I speak. But let’s not personalize this.

But media flag opinion articles as such.

Disgusting :dts:

Don’t worry it’s from Lifesite so it’s not real, even if it’s also covered in other publications, the fact that it’s from lifesite = story not true.

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