Federal Police "Invade" Portland

I haven’t seen this mentioned on here, but the Federal Police are currently in the process of invading Portland and seem to be carrying out almost arbitrary arrests and attempts to intimidate normal people. This is possibly some kind of preparation for later demonstrations, perhaps around November.

Here is the video evidence, I hope the links work as I am on mobile. There is some bad language in the tweets, so be careful when clicking on these and scrolling through the threads.
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Supposed justification from the Secretary of Homeland Security. It mentions anarchists, but only seems to list cases of graffiti:

This is indeed troubling.

The most troubling part of this is that the people in charge, I assume some mid- to high-level people in whatever agency is involved, either don’t see the terrible visuals as a problem, or are actually creating them on purpose.

It’s so easy to identify oneself with patches showing name and agency.

I fear this is a feature and not a bug.


I watched one arrest of an agitator, might as well say an anarchist. This trouble quelled down with the use of some law and order. Others apparently, let it get out of hand.


Well, the guy quoted in the Oregon Public Broadcasting story was never charged with a crime. He never did anything, but unidentified federal agents (we assume) snatched him off the streets and forced him into an unmarked minivan and covered his face to not let him know where they were taking him.

We should all be appalled at that.


I didn’t know we had Federal police in the U.S.


I wouldn’t think that a self-described communist would have a problem with totalitarian measures like a nationalized police force grabbing “innocent” comrads and throwing them in the gulag for “crimes against the state”.

I see this as a good tactic as long as the people are arrested and charged with federal crimes, brought before a federal magistrate, and then receive a fair federal trial.

If they are grabbed, hauled off and never heard from again (like what happens in true totalitarian regimes so common with communism), then I will take join you to fight against it.

No, but we have several (too man?) federal police forces. Even the IRS has it’s own armed law enforcement divison.


Communism and totalitarianism aren’t the same thing.


I read somewhere that NASA has its own swat team.

These people are attempting to murder federal officers.


Hey, R_A, anyway to edit your post to obscure the obscenities?

I’m sick and tired of this dysfunctional mayor, his insane city council cronies, and his BLM and antifa rioters and their constant attempts to build barricades and set the justice center on fire while people are in it. They aren’t destroying anything anymore because downtown Portland is already destroyed. I had to ride through it yesterday and everything is gone.

Among other things, I was down there to withdraw some money from an automatic teller if we could find one, but we couldn’t. The Bank of America is all boarded up and not even at BOA was there an automated teller.

I wish Wheeler, Wyden, the governor, the city council and all the rest of the BLM and antifa thugs would have to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.


No, which is why they are different words.

But they go together in the same crowd.


No more so than capitalism and totalitarianism.

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That is as ridiculous as saying Cathokicism and totalitarianism.

There are no totalitarian capitalist societies.


Eh, woke capitalism seems pretty totalitarian to me.


An out of control federal government is only a problem when it works for the other party, I guess.

The story is horrendous. I think it helps to show us, yet again, how the Golden Calf of our age is partisanship. This would only be a problem to some posters on this site if Trump wasn’t president.

Clearly things like the Constitution and the rule of law can be thrown out the window when protestors are protesting something you have no problem with (or don’t think exists).


No. Conservatives are for reducing the impact of the federal government no matter who is in charge.

The story IS horrendous. As in the STORY in it’s hyperbolic “FEDS INVADE PORTLAND” story line. It is terribly biased and serves as what leftists call a “dog-whistle” to those who have primed to have an emotional response to anything they read or hear.

Those who can see through the intense emotions of the writer (and some readers) see this as likely a way of arresting the ring-leaders while not risking a violent confrontation with the useful idiots who follow those ringleaders.

Again, as long as the people arrested (not “kidnapped”) are charged with a federal crime, appear before a federal magistrate, and are given a fair trial with their constitutional rights, then this is a non-issue.


You didn’t read the story.

“Personal accounts and multiple videos posted online show the officers driving up to people, detaining individuals with no explanation of why they are being arrested, and driving off.”

“They also left one demonstrator hospitalized with skull fractures after shooting him in the face with so-called “less lethal” munitions July 11.”

“Blinded by his hat, in an unmarked minivan full of armed people dressed in camouflage and body armor who hadn’t identified themselves, Pettibone said he was driven around downtown before being unloaded inside a building. He wouldn’t learn until after his release that he had been inside the federal courthouse.”

None of that is in keeping with the way law enforcement should not work that way in any functional democracy.

Neither is letting Antifa run wild in the streets.

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