Federal prisons to recognize humanism as religion

Federal prisoners who identify as humanist can now celebrate Darwin Day and get accommodations typically afforded to those inmates who believe in a deity…
The federal Bureau of Prisons agreed in the settlement of a lawsuit to add a section on humanism to its manual on inmate beliefs and practices. Officials in the prison system will also consider requests from humanist inmates for access to study materials, observance of holy days, and time and space for religious activities.


We “right-wing evangelicals” (which I was until 11 years ago) have been saying this for decades – that humanism is a religion. And it’s the only religion currently allowed in U.S. public schools.



Well, if this comment refers to conservative, white republican students, then yes, it’s the only religion allowed.

But with political and other elite progressive careers on the line, going after minority Christians and Islam is not even an option. Even the gay “marriage” movement must yield to that.

Whenever an African-American football player thanks God live on TV, the progressive journalists could be flaming inside, but their political doctrine also says it would be racist to call the players out on it.

Also, does this mean atheism is a religion? :smiley:

I view this more as an effort of convenience. The religious are given many perks in the criminal justice system. Why should the irreligious be denied these perks?

Not in and of itself, no. Atheistic versions of humanism, yes.

A religion is a set of beliefs focused around a series of core concepts and understandings about reality which is used as a guiding principle for those individuals who adhere to it. As such, yeah, Atheism is a religion.

That’s just the maddest oxymoronic contradiction in terms ha ha ha ha. Halfwits

If one defines religion as having a deity and rituals, then no, it’s not. But denial of the existence of God is definitely a statement of faith.

Trying to cast my mind back to where it was when I was a secular humanist, I’m not sure what I would have made of this. Recognition of the “Happy Human” on military tombstones is one thing, but “holy days”? There was a movement to celebrate something called “HumanLight” in December, basically Christmas without the glory, but Darwin Day is considerably stranger. I like Darwin, and I even used to post “Happy birthday, Chuck” on my facebook, but making a religious holiday about him doesn’t seem appropriate to his memory. I can’t say I see him approving.

But the humanist worldview is quite religious, even if it is completely removed from religious practices that encourage morality.

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