Federal prosecutors quit Stone case after DOJ overrules prosecutors on sentencing request

When I was a Democrat activist, I always said “Democrat party”, not “Democratic party” because when I first became a party worker, the old timers told me that’s how it was. The notion, as I recall it, was that the party was an otherwise non-homogenous group of fiercely independent-minded people who basically thought alike on some things but not all. “Democratic party” they maintained sounded too much like a herd with a herd mentality. Whether it did or not, that’s the way it was put to me.

So I still sometimes say it around here, more to honor those old party people, most of whom are no longer alive on this earth. But in other places people take offense. I have been made aware of other places where it was the same.

Barr really has no leg to stand on. He needs to clean up DOJ’s act. Get on with it.

Like with gender and pronouns too? :astonished:

Grammar wise, either is correct… and a simple explanation…

while the word Republican can be either a noun or an adjective, Democrat has distinctive noun and adjective forms.



Grammar wise, this sentence is correct:
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

Exorbitant is in the eye of the Republican.

Yes. One of the few things that can be demanded in American society is to be addressed by a name which is stated.

What do you think an appropriate sentence for lying to Congress is?

I’ve already stated the aggravating factors. In mitigation, he’s an old dude. and a non-violent first offender.

What the feds suggested originally to the judge does not seem outlandish.

So you think 9 years is reasonable? Would that apply to Vindman too?

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Yes. I would say so.

He has not been charged.

I understand why you want to dodge the question.

You probably didn’t see this coming, either…

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It looks like the DOJ was a real rat’s nest. It could be a very hot summer.

The lead juror issue is also blowing up the rat’s nest…

Very extensive background into the whole case.

How can anyone possibly comment on a reasonable sentence for Vindman without knowing what the charges are? ‘Hang him and then have the trial’?

It looks like it is a real rat’s nest.

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