Federal study acknowledges links between breast cancer and abortion, contraception

A study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, concluded in April 2009, showed a strong correlation between the use of oral contraceptives and a particularly deadly form of breast cancer. The study found that the connection was highest among women who began using oral contraceptives while they were teenagers.

The study was particularly noteworthy because it contained an admission by a researcher from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Louise Brinton, that abortion also raised the rate of “triple-negative” breast cancer. Brinton had previously headed a study that denied evience of a link between abortion and the incidence of breast cancer.

Full story here.

It’s pretty amazing how the ONLY mentions of this are on Catholic or Christian news sites.

Not to get all conspiracy theory and all, but just further proof there is a shadowy force behind the media, that gives us the point of view that THEY want us to see.

Here is a link to more about the study from the actual research center:


And here is the link to the abstract for the actual study:


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