Feds announce final e-cigarette rule that nearly bans them


Electronic cigarettes and premium cigars will now be regulated the same way as tobacco cigarettes and regular cigars, according to a new federal rule issued on Thursday.

Under the rule, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would have to approve all tobacco products not currently regulated that hit stores after February 2007. The e-cigarette industry was virtually non-existent before then.

Premium, hand-rolled cigars would also be included in the new regulation.This final rule also prohibits the sale of “covered tobacco products” to individuals under the age of 18 and requires the display of health warnings on cigarette tobacco, roll-your own tobacco, and covered tobacco product packages and in advertisements.



That’s insanity! What will happen to vape shops? A whole industry will go out of business. :bigyikes:

The crazy thing is that vaping has only 5% of the harm of cigarettes, and possibly even lower according to the Royal College of Physicians.

I bet the FDA is against E-Cigs because they want people to smoke cigarettes, where they can get lots of tax money. :nope:



I’m not a huge fan of vaping, but it’s mainly due to the addictiveness. I managed to quit smoking a few years ago so I know how bad the addiction is. I still need a cigarette at times!

It needs regulation but that seems like a bit too much. There’s no need to test every single flavor or nicotine level. I swear it’s because people enjoy it and our puritanical roots go very deep.


I like your theory better than mine. That sounds about right.


I can’t help but find it mildly ironic that, as we crack down on smoking in almost ridiculous ways, Marijuana is being legalized everywhere and celebrated. Our world is a *weird *place. :rolleyes:


Why does everything need “regulation”?

This is not how this country was set-up to operate. We are regulating our country into oblivion with all this government overreach.


Tobacco use has greatly increased since those things came in because they are heavily promoted by some strange people on “health” grounds while further considerably promoting the addiction.

Also, people use them outside then come into the space where I am including on the bus and cause me an allergic reaction because of the weird new-fangled solvents in their lungs and clothes. Or using a lift where one of them has been, even if they were only using it before they got in.

If they sucked or chewed those things I wouldn’t have the slightest opinion on it!

Thus it’s not really a terribly bad idea to include them in some sort of regulation in a general sense, while of course there is great merit in debating the details of that.

A shop I have been to a lot for drinks, papers etc has as its main feature specialist tobacco-related things. I admire them for catering for people who really appreciate the stuff.


Taxes is a likely reason and probably pressure from makers of nicotine gum and patches, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. I assume those are all big corporations and there might be some actual competition in the vapor cigarette market. And speaking of gum or patches, why don’t they regulate that too? It is the same thing basically just a different delivery method. I doubt those methods have been studied. Of course when you look into the ‘science’ of tobacco and nicotine, like most issues, you find a lot of nonsense.


I am glad the government is coming down hard on e-cigs and vape systems, particularly as it protects those under the age of 18.


In the US, marijuana is only “legalized” by state law in some states. It is still prohibited by federal law, even in those states.


Cigarette smoking was once promoted by doctors and scientists as being healthier than chewing tobacco. They claimed spitting spread diseases.

I’m not unsympathetic to this, but why not ban perfumes. I’ve had plenty of minor allergic reactions to perfumes over the years.

As I mentioned inhalation, specifically from cigarettes, was promoted over chewing which was more popular. The best evidence suggests that smokeless tobacco is very low risk. Yet in Europe and in the US the governments want to treat it like smoking meaning tax it and ban it where smoking is banned. It doesn’t seem the goal is to let tobacco users alone if they don’t bother other people.


This won’t protect anyone but Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. All this will do is create a massive black market. In fact having such a large black market would only help those under 18 buy e-cigs.


I’m not so sure. Is there a massive black market for cigarettes? Cigarette use by teenagers has declined in recent years. (Marijuana use has not similarly declined.)


The rule will basically stop the e-cig industry from existing besides those manufactured by Big Tobacco. This will be different form black market cigarettes because this rule will basically cause the e-cig industry to go underground, and the e-cig industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Most likely it will have similar results to what happened with prohibition.

Basically the resulting black market would be similar to if they banned cigarettes.


Ask the prison system.


I just noticed this part of your post. The main reason cigarette use declined among teenagers is because they started using e-cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco products. Although either way is illegal, it is better that minors use e-cigarettes because e-cigarettes are much less harmful.


Yes, I’m aware of that. I was just pointing out how ridiculously contradictory the attitude of many people towards Marijuana and Tobacco is.


The irony is marijuana hurts brain function, while nicotine helps brain function. Nicotine has been found to help Alzheimer’s patients and people with Parkinson’s. It also has been found to help people’s memory and help them focus.

Pure nicotine, which is what is found in e-cigs (as well as nicotine gum and patches), has never been found to be addictive. Nicotine with traditional cigarette smoke on the other hand, has been found to be highly addictive (oddly enough, many cigar and pipe smokers aren’t addicted.)


Nope, still harmful. The ingredients are still poison.


The findings of e-cigarette vapor with high levels of formaldehyde is from a study where they put the voltage too high and it created what vapers call “dry-hits”. Vapers find dry-hits unbearable, and try to avoid them. Basically the e-cigarette is overheating and creating high levels formaldehyde. In normal use e-cigarette vapor has much lower levels of formaldehyde than smoking.



Look up the statistics (Google “teen cigarette use by year” and look at the charts). It’s been declining for a lot longer than e-cigs have been around. There must be another reason.

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