Feds announce final e-cigarette rule that nearly bans them


Hmm, you’re right. I looked up the statistics, and it seems that rather than turning to e-cigs, teens are using reefer. That’s not good. :nope:



Don’t you think it interesting that e-cigarettes are denounced as dangerous while today marijuana smoke is being promoted as the new cure all?


Melodeonist, I hope you are only arguing on principle, and are not using these substance-delivery systems yourself.


I don’t care what they smoke as long as they don’t do it in my breathing space.


That is not the conclusion I would draw. If you look at different time intervals, sometimes both went up or both went down. Other times one changed while the other held steady. Other times they went in opposite directions. That’s not much if any correlation.


I vape for mental benefits. If I did not vape, I would not be able to remember anything, or be able to do much deep thinking.

Sometimes I vape before classes for the nicotine because if I don’t, I won’t be able to remember anything that was taught in the class. If I didn’t vape, I would not be able to get good grades. Before I started vaping I was getting C+s, but after vaping I started getting As and Bs. :slight_smile:

I see no harm in vaping, especially since the Royal College of Physicians said it was safe. It was the Royal College of Physicians who first found out that smoking was bad for people.

Single Vocation?

have you tried coffee instead?


I have tried coffee, but caffeine doesn’t seem to work as well as nicotine for me. Besides, e-cigarettes are much more portable than coffee and cheaper. One e-cigarette can last 2-4 weeks.


It would be against forum rules, not to mention imprudent, for me to give medical advice, but it may be safe for me to say that you should let your physician know what medications (including vape) you are taking. And with that I must say goodbye. You guys have this thread pretty well in hand. :wave:


OH yes!!! untaxed cigarettes, its a bigger industry than you would think.


IDK about that, back in 2012, the feds cracked down VERY hard on certain painkillers, like Oxycodone and vicodin, which were huge cash cows for the pharma companies, doctors were writing millions of scripts for them…but oddly when this new law went into effect, the pharma industry didnt even try to fight it, not a single complaint…??? Something fishy about that to me.


Yes, and it is mostly related to relative tax prices. Black marketers purchase cigarettes in low tax states, like Virginia, and sell them on the black market in New York.

The purchasers can obtain cigarettes at a lower cost than in retail stores, and the black marketers can make a $1-2 per pack profit.



I absolutely hate cigs. They killed both my parents! Besides the fact is that they STINK. Dad died of lung cancer when he was only 32. Mom made it a little longer and died of COPD.


Marijuana smoke is dangerous, too. Second hand smoke.

I have a cousin that switched to e-cigarettes. She’s still a smoker, no matter the delivery system. And it’s still poisoning your body, a temple of the Holy Spirit.


I have friends who own a few smoke shops and the wife swears marijuana smoke is actually healthy! I was suspicious if that was true or not.


I am sorry to hear that. my parents were both smokers too.
my dad had heart disease. they both smoked until they died at 65.


I’m sorry, but this is an error.

Their most up-to-date report makes the following observation on page 78:

As with all new products, however, longterm or rare adverse effects will remain uncertain until e-cigarettes have been in widespread use for several decades. Discussion of the potential long-term adverse effects of e-cigarette use is therefore limited to consideration of the likely effects of sustained inhalation of the known constituents of e-cigarette vapour.

It then goes on to note that:

Analysis of vapour generated by e-cigarettes has identified a number of potentially harmful constituents delivered alongside the nicotine and other e-liquid components.

I’m not sure where you got your information, but there’s a possibility that they’re not communicating research in a completely objective manner.

I would also encourage you to rethink your conclusions on the addictive nature of nicotine. The same report observes, on page 59:

Nicotine is the primary addictive component in cigarettes and other tobacco products. It establishes and maintains addiction, thereby sustaining use, through a range of complex actions on brain neurochemistry, which have been reviewed in detail elsewhere.67,68


The link you posted states that e-cigarettes pose only 5% of the risk of cigarettes, and possibly even less.

However, the hazard to health arising from long-term vapour inhalation from the e-cigarettes available today is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco.

Even if e-cigarettes were addictive (which I don’t think they are) I wouldn’t really care. I would be using them anyway because I need the nicotine to have my memory function.

If this ruling by the FDA makes it difficult to get e-cigs, I’ll probably switch to nasal snuff or snus.


SNUS is being slowly phased out. I deal with the reps from the tobacco companies at my job, They had hoped SNUS would catch on in the US, but it really has not, I know Camel /RJ Reynolds, plans to phase out SNUS within the year.

Many people do not realize SNUS is only regular snuff, but a type of dairy creamer is added, so the taste is more tolerable so no spitting is required.


Marijuana is somewhat safer than production cigarettes, in that it does not contain the many additional toxins that cigarettes and tobacco have.

Both cross the blood/brain barrier though, if a person refrains from smoking cigarettes for a few days, their first couple smokes will make them kind of ‘high’.

I believe there is only a couple brands of cigarettes that are actually ‘fresh’ and do not contain any of these toxins, American Spirit and I cannot think of the other one. These are basically straight tobacco from the plant, rolled into cigarettes.

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