Feds: Armed Mexican troops, police regularly jump border to cross into U.S




And this is news?


This points out that our Southern border situation is out of control. Mexico’s military and police forces are, at best, compromised. Over the last half-century we have witnessed one of the largest mass-migrations in human history. We have not seriously examined the issues. I find it ironic that those who favor more governmental controls in our society push for immigration anarchy. Meanwhile, our young Marine languishes in a Mexican prison.


The present immigration anarchy is precisely an aspect of governmental control, or at least the control of this administration, which wants this to happen.


Perhaps anyone chiding Congress for not passing comprehensive immigration reform, including select Bishops, can see why a bill that doesn’t begin with securing the border is a non-starter, and one not to be considered seriously by anyone who actually cares.


If I woke up tomorrow to discover that I had been elected Grand Poobah of the U.S. (kind of like a dictator who can do whatever he wants, but nice), I would militarize the southern border before lunch. I agree that we need some kind of compassionate, reasonable immigration reform. But until we secure the border and get a handle on who is already here illegally, not one more person would get across.


Not to anybody who’s been following the issue and/or living on the border for the past couple of decades…


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