Feds ask Blue Cross Blue Shield not to release exchange numbers


FARGO – The Obama administration asked North Dakota’s largest health insurer not to publicize how many people have signed up for health insurance through a new online exchange, a company official says.

During a Monday forum in Fargo for people interested in signing up for coverage via the exchange, James Nichol of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota told the crowd his company received the request from the federal government earlier Monday. Nichol is a consumer sales manager for the company.

Still, a spokeswoman from Blue Cross Blue Shield says about 14 North Dakotans have signed up for coverage since the federal exchange went live Oct. 1. That brings total statewide enrollment to 20 – less than one a day.

Spokeswoman Andrea Dinneen said Tuesday that while Blue Cross generally does not release its internal sales numbers, it has in this case because the problematic rollout of the federal health care exchange is a “unique situation.”

Dinneen said she didn’t have any information about the directive that Nichol referenced Monday night.




Sebelius, “we created a new market, a big group plan” :mad: But everyone has amnesia, walking around in zombie land and can’t give a straight answer to enrollment.


Where are the transparency police?

I just don’t get how this administration gets away with this.


The populace has lost its freedom, because it has lost its nerve to challenge, correct, and force the federal government to serve it properly. When the federal government begins hiding things from the people, a totalitarian society is on the rise.


This is beyond ridiculous…someone in the administration Obama get a clue soon.


I don’t think we have lost the nerve to challenge. I think those who challenge Obama are being marginalized as haters and conspiracy theorists.

I don’t understand why people are defending him. :o


Don’t forget racists.




Anything to avoid having to actually address the challenges.


Funny that you bring that up.

A recent study I heard of showed that none (NONE) of Obama’s ancestors were slaves. On the contrary, he has a very large number of Muslim slaveholders as ancestors!!

Oh, the irony…


Problem is that people who have absolutely no feel for IT are in the position of determining deadlines, system requirements, budgets, and then pressure the programmers every five minutes to determine how much longer this is going to fix. I’ve been there for almost 40 years and things don’t look pretty right now.


They’ve recanted the story:



Not surprising in the least. Other than a negative headline, what would be gained by making such a request at a time when reporters are busy scavenging every iota of info they can obtain from non-government sources?


It’s no different in the real world. I do software development for a living, and we get the same pressures. The difference here is that 1) “upper management” (i.e. bureaucrats and lawmakers) are ignoring the feedback from the grunts and/or 2) “upper management” didn’t even ask the grunts, and/or 3) the grunts are stereotypical government workers.

Take your pick.


Apparently they must have been told what will happen if they reveal that information.






But still didn’t release the info


Perhaps they don’t want the numbers exposed because they know it would make Obamacare look like a failure?


Are they in the habit of releasing such numbers?

Heck, insurance companies don’t even want to release basic information on costs…and they’re going to release the information on their number of enrollees? :rolleyes:


Yeah they release numbers:

The White House has released only a few numbers: There have been 20 million visits to the website and half a million applications submitted.


They trumpeted those numbers then got real quiet about who actually signed up.

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