Feds ask Blue Cross Blue Shield not to release exchange numbers


My comment was about BCBS not about the government. A BCBS spokeswoman is quoted as saying (in a post above) that they don’t routinely release that information.


I could see how it isn’t “routine” when Obamacare websites have only been up a month. But that doesn’t explain why they won’t release the numbers.


BCBS has been enrolling subscribers since…forever? What does it matter that this particular group of subscribers are Obamacare participants? If they don’t give out enrollment numbers then they don’t - simple.


A broad statement. So, what do you suggest people do about it?



At this point in America, my impression is that there has been too much of a general degradation of morals across the board, so much so that there is not an easy method out at all.

I have not postulated any answer to America’s problem simply because I have not conceived of one yet. All I have is history to tell me what has happened to other nations who went down the same path; it seems the only result that America can have is that which other nations have experienced, unless there is some great miracle which changes the minds and hearts of all Americans.

I do not think that is likely; thus, I can only guess we will go the road of Rome, or perhaps even Germany.

However, this does not mean I despair. I pray constantly for the preservation of the greatest superpower in the history of the world, but yet, it is necessary to prepared for the worst.


I encourage you and others to pray and remain hopeful. Others are noticing the same things. In the end, each one of us, by God’s grace, can make a difference.



May I offer a different perspective? Perhaps I am wrong, but I do not see that morals today are any worse than that 200 yrs ago or even 1000 yrs ago; what is different is the TYPE of immorality, IMO. When I read history, there are not many time periods that make me go: "I wish I had lived then! To be perfectly honest, I think my personal perspective has something to do with the course of black history, but it’s broader than that.

For example, I remember watching the life of St Joan of Arc and wondering how people could bear living in a time of constant, unrelenting warfare. I read of the times when most of the world was more or less ruled by monarchs, and am appalled at the conditions in which the so-called “underclasses” lived and the way they were treated. Going even further back in history, I read the OT and I’m just happy to be a woman living today rather than back then for a multitude of reasons!

To me, there are more salient questions than whether we are indeed experiencing some terminal moral decline (which I don’t believe we are). Like: What does it mean to be the greatest superpower in the world? How is that intertwined with or separate from the moral concerns you mention? Is it possible to change who we are and how we see ourselves, without “going the way of Rome”? It’s an open question how much, if any, of the Roman Empire’s history was illuminated by exemplary morality. Your impression seems to be that the empire declined as morality declined, but to me that is only true if you measure morality only in terms of debauchery. I can’t imagine their conquer and plunder of countless nations/cultures was marked by much moral behavior (reference the Crucifixion); there is a world of difference between military or administrative discipline and morality.

So my advice is, look on the bright side: the country is changing - it has always changed. There is nothing to say that change must be downward only or even mostly downward.


When people talk about morality, invariably what is implied is a degradation of sexual morality.

In this, there is an objective measurement that is possible across the ages.

Sexual morality, in practical terms, boils down to the kind of morality that will procreate and raise subsequent generations in a way that the society is perpetually renewed.

The simple morality of Catholicism in terms of that is not rocket science therefore, nor some kind of mysterious hocus pocus, but it is merely a reflection of the kind of morality where procreating and raising a next generation of citizens has the most probable chances of success.

To the extent that societies have held to a type of sexual morality where families remained strong in providing that crucial building block, they have in essence been moral ones. However when more and more of a countries sexual energy has become expended in the pursuit of sexual personal pleasure, in producing bastards rather than heirs, in employing sex for income rather than for creating family, then the society itself has become completely undone at the seams.

A historic measure of this would be ancient Greek society, where women were deemed to be inferior in every way, and deemed to be so unnecessary as to be fit for abortion in early infancy.
The result not surprisingly, was a population crash, followed by the crash of Greece as a viable empire. Greek ideals remained in ascendancy; Greece was replaced by the more vibrant Roman empire.

Any society where sexuality is regarded as both procreative and unitive, has the potential to likewise be a vibrant society, and therefore can be considered moral. Any society that no longer regards sexuality as procreative and unitive, is on the precipice of a crash, and is therefore functionally an immoral one.

Our societies are on the precipice of demographic winter.


Ah, but why is that? Sexual morality does not even begin to encompass the scope of human morality…and it is hardly the most important aspect of determining the fate of future generations. For example, a solid family foundation means nothing to society’s future survival if there is large scale warfare, degeneration to “survival of the fittest”, or human degradation of the environment beyond the limits necessary to sustain life.


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