Feds try to close the ocean because of shutdown


:D… Now that’s funny!

The real story behind this one is almost as absurd as the parody too.



Isn’t that something else, eh?

I don’t think I have ever seen any government in the world as petty as the Obama one.


I think they should shut down IRS :slight_smile:


All of our roads in Michigan are lined with cones, and barrels this time of year.:rolleyes:

91% of the IRS employees have been furloughed. (Means sent home with out pay through no fault of your own) If the Republicans who are the Father of this mess don’t like having their collective noses rubbed in it. :shrug:

What this means is that while our nations TAX (and other) laws are still in effect. Your returns/refunds will have to wait till this mess blows over. A lot of people are being hurt by the childish behavior of the House of REPRESENTATIVES (means One that serves as a delegate or agent for another. sadly not the voters it seems.)

As a side effect of the shut down. Tax seizures have been likewise halted. (means the business which has not been paying their share of the taxes will continue to get away with it at your expense)


I am amused that a country that prides itself on its form of democratic government does not have a failsafe as part of their government structures. In Australia, if the Senate refuses to pass a money bill, or budget, then the Governor General dismisses the government and calls new elections. This happened in 1975 and works well to keep the idiots in check. So many people shouldn’t have to suffer. I just hope they can get their act together before America goes into default. World economic chaos.

…except the feds passed legislation to pay the furloughed employees retroactively…which means they’re getting paid vacations at taxpayer expense (without burning any of their actual vacation days!). Must be nice. Personally, I think the whole IRS needs to go…

This administration is making sure the only people who suffer are the taxpayers.

Actually it is both the Congress and the administration that is making the taxpayers suffer. The republicans could have made the federal workers go without pay, but they are spineless and reckless spenders.

The National Security Agency’s surveillance programs will not be impacted by the stoppage. Too bad, I thought Obama would allow us to speak in private for a change.

Actually, it is not the House of Representatives, but the Senate, Harry Reid, and Barrack Obama who caused (and are forcing the continuation of) this shutdown.

The house voted not to fund Obamacare, thus Barrack Obama and Harry Reid decided they wanted to punish this country by shutting down the government.

The house voted NOT to shut down, but Harry wouldn’t even let the Senate vote on it; he is blocking normal procedure.

Obama is continuing to try to punish the American people, not only by closing national parks, but also by trying to close PRIVATE PROPERTY historical locations. People are being killed suspiciously for “misdemeanor” or “threatening behavior” with little or no proof.

This is evil.

OK, I was following till the last sentence, what is this in reference to? :confused:

The Fiscal Year for the federal government starts in October. Many federal workers can only carry over 240 leave hours and must use the overage or loose it. Some federal workers ARE going to “burn” their actual vacation days by loosing them if it makes you feel better KnitNut. And yes all of us taxpayers are suffering and there is blame on both sides of the political spectrum. What can we do but remember who didn’t want to compromise next election day?


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