Feed the Poor for Free



In order to give food for the poor for free, just click on the sign on the webpage, and for every click, the sponsors of this webpage will pay the value of 1.1 cups of food for the poor, and for the people that are starving. Click as many times as you can so that the sponsors will provide more cups of food for the poor. and if you can tell more people about this.


It says you can click only once daily.


That is fine though, but the more clicks the more food the sponsors will pay. Some people jsut click once a day and others click all the time , but the important thing is to help though.

When you click there is a chart at the botom that shows how many clicks have been made it updates every hour, and the sponsors will pay the food based on how many clicks there were per day.


If you want to click more than once you can try deleting your cookies file.


Real charities have .org web addresses.

See this link: networks.silicon.com/webwatch/0,39024667,39117644,00.htm

And this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hunger_Site

And this: snopes.com/inboxer/charity/hungersite.asp

The same company that runs this owns museumstore.com . This is a for-profit merchandise-selling company. They have not disclosed how much money goes to the charitable causes.

Not necessarily discouraging anyone, but caveat emptor.

If I had money to give and wanted to make a real difference, I’d go here: heifer.org .


We have a family member that has a way of being attracted to every scam out there, remember the gas pill scam, he bought into that one :shrug: among MANY MANY others
We were visiting him a couple of weeks ago and he showed us this click scam that sounds similar to this. I hate to say it, although we knows when he mentions something new it is a scam. :frowning:
Anyway, DH was kind enough to listen to him, told him that it all sounded too fishy for him. I am sure we will be hearing about this on 60 mins or 20/20 in the near future.


we have nothing to lose though, if this is a scam. we wouldnt be happy if it was though, but we might as well try!


It is a real site and the advertisers pay for the food. It is a click. It costs you nothing. So why WOULDN’T you click???

Another good one is freerice.com. WARNING: this is addictive!


You can also set it up that they will send you a reminder email every day.


if you think that that website could posibly be a scam do more reaserches about it and get proff of that, if so then you should find some way to sue them or someone to sue that site. I dont really think it is a scam, otherwise you should probe it. try to contact the sponsors if you can.

Even some sponsors are charitable organizations.
This website has been a leading website in these stuff since about 9 years. It even has a group on facebook, and I have talked with people that have been using it for years and they havent found anything bad. so in order to claim here that this could posibly be a scam you need to contact the sponsors or do soemthing else and get solid proffs, otherwise you are just discouraging people. Becuase this is way easier than to donate in the other sites you mentioned above.


Do you realize tht everytime you click on a website it can open your computer information to that site??? Most websites are not going to, although some will and can. It is your computer though so I don’t care, just letting you know. :slight_smile:

I can create you a “REAL” website in 30 minutes. I can even make it look like a charity if you like. :wink:

I still bet we will be seeing this on 60 mins, 20/20, or 48 hours in a few weeks. And there will be all of these people crying about how it slowed down, crashed, ruined their computer, that or their email folder was hacked into and now everyone in the world thinks they have a horrible disease and are stuck in a 3rd world country with no money!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Why are Wiki and Snopes talking about estimated donations? Don’t companies that make charity claims have to provide accounting to the gov. and public?


yes im sure that page has 9 years of doing that sort of stuff. If you want to make such a nonsense statement why dont you first talk with people that has been clicking everyday for several years to check whether they have lost info or got a virus becuae of this.


I’d be interested in a 60 Minutes or 20/20 story on this. The company may actually have sponsors that pay for every click but maybe the company isn’t sending any money/food to help people. Maybe they are just pocketing it. Another poster did point out that non-profits use a .org extension. This website uses the commercial .com extension. Although, the CA website we’re currently on uses .com too. As another poster wrote: caveat emptor!



And you do realize that most teachers in the school I work at have been clicking on this site for YEARS with no malicious results. If you have any sort of decent firewall/anti-virus/anti-spyware program you will not have problems. I have also clicked on this stuff for YEARS from my home Windows based computer and have NEVER had a problem.

You also do realized that is you scroll your mouse over an address, the “real” address will appear in the box at the bottom. Real addresses will match what is in the address box; imposters will have an IP address.

Why will we be seeing this in a “few weeks” on 60 minutes, when these sites have been around for YEARS?

As far as the 3rd world scammers, have fun with those!! I have led them pretty far into giving me their information and forwarded their info to Interpol, London Police, New York Police, etc. It is quite entertaining. Again, I have NEVER had a hacked problem, because I have decent firewall, spyware, and virus protection.


Maybe you should reaserch more about it, and talk with people that have been doing this for years in order to post your opinions.

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