Feeding a cat Holy water


Can you feed your cat Holy Water to make the cat more holy??
Sorry this must sound out of the world but i do it but im wondering if it is not ok???


When holy water gets near my cat, it sizzles!


Cats, unlike humans, are never UNholy - that is, they are incapable of offending God by sin. Much as they ARE capable of offending their owners in various ways. So it would achieve no purpose to give them holy water.

And there’s a scripture verse - ‘do not give what is holy to the dogs’. (Matthew 7:6) . Holy water is, as the name implies, a holy thing. And it seems mighty disrespectful to give something that is holy to an animal.


Come on, Lily, you know Basement Cat is pure evil. :eek:



Basement cat be not evul - jez mizundastuud :smiley:


Something from Fr. Z that relates to this thread



[quote="smithpeter2, post:1, topic:206284"]
Can you feed your cat Holy Water to make the cat more holy??


To what end?


Not even on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi? :slight_smile:


Yes, but on that occasion nothing disrespectful is done, in my understanding (I’ve never actually seen a ‘blessing of the animals’), they’re simply blessed by the priest, in the same manner as he can bless even inanimate objects such as houses.

That’s fine. They’re not given holy things to eat or drink, and it would cross the line if they were.


[quote="JMJ_coder, post:7, topic:206284"]
To what end?


The mouth end. :D

Sorry, just couldn't resist.


I use it all the time.


[quote="JMJ_coder, post:7, topic:206284"]
To what end?


Um. . .I know what you mean here but have an overwhelming impulse to say, "to the end that drinks of course!:


gggrrroooaaannn :doh2:


Cats are 100% pure evil, so I don’t know…you might have to be concerned with the cat’s safety if it got too close to holy water. :smiley:


Smith, No and while your at it. I hear drinking battery acid works wonders for strep. Is this serious?



You know how they make holy water, don’t you?

They boil the he__ out of it. Ha, ha.


Absolutely. Your throat won’t hurt anymore if all the nerve endings are caustically burned off. :whacky:


Only if the cat first eats a blessed mouse.


Medical advice is a banned topic.


[quote="FrDavid96, post:18, topic:206284"]
Only if the cat first eats a blessed mouse.


Gives a whole new meaning to that song about a crooked cat and a crooked mouse. :)

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