Feeding the 5000 and 4000


When the bread and fish were handed out and everyone was fed, did they all eat raw fish?

Or do you think they had fires?



Just as the bread was expectedly baked, otherwise, it wouldn’t be bread, but dough.

We can probably expect that the fish was broiled.


Since the fish were broken, I think they were probably dried fish or cooked fish, brittle enough to be broken into pieces. In a different context Luke 24:42 mentions broiled, baked or cooked fish, depending on the translation.


Dried and salted…mighty tasty!


Besides, sashimi is filleted, and I doubt they had fillet knives, Kikkoman and wasabi on site.


Fish sandwiches – yum!

Fish tacos would also be nice…



Good point.


It was cooked, obviously. Remember that they got the five loaves and the two fish from a boy, who may have brought it as his lunch. Some people have even imagined that the boy was a local vendor who happened to wander upon the crowd. Either way, I doubt he would have been carrying uncooked fish. They didn’t eat raw fish in that part of the world.


Very good point.


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