Feel bad....

Before I left work this evening my 36+ weeks preganant daughter called with what she thought were contractions. I told her instead of going to church I would head for home and await her call after she called her midwife. She said that she would call me AFTER I got home from church, that I should go. She knows what Mass means to me. So I went. It was a beautiful service, however I found myself having difficulty concentrating and wishing things would move faster. It was a high Mass and there was a foot washing ceremony too. I feel bad because I just wasn’t concentrating on what was going on and instead of focusing on the solemnity of Mass, I was thinking of my daughter. I suppose God knew I was preoccupied. I just wish I didn’t feel so bad.

We all have times such as these, but God looks into our hearts and he knows our difficulties. How wonderful that you did go.

May God bless you and your family. May St Gerard interceed for your daughter.

Deaco Tony

Hi Katie,

My daughter is just about as far along as yours!!! (Due April 15th)

God bless them both.

Please keep us posted. Remind your daughter to drink plenty of water. My Becky ended up in the hospital, a while back with what she thought may be contractions, but it was cramping from mild dehydration (and she does drink water). A little fluid and everything was fine.

God bless you and me too;) (Is this your first grandchild?–it is mine)

Don’t you think that Our Lord was right there with you as He listened to the concerns of your heart? Remember that we are to cry “Abba, Father”. Abba means “daddy” and He wants us to come to Him with the burdens that we carry.

I hope your daughter is doing well!
Pax vobiscum,

My husband and I felt the same way last week. I’m at 37 weeks (with a history of baby coming earlier than expected) and he had the opportunity to sing in a choir at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. What a great opportunity! Although I really didn’t want him traveling all that way on a bus with others so he wouldn’t even be able to get home if he wanted to, how could I turn him down from serving the Lord?! Both of us felt guilty about the other person’s position. Luckily, or should I say unfortanetly, nothing happened so all the guilt for nothing :).

Life is not easy

I often feel guilty when my almost-two year old distracts me at mass. But I remember that it is my vocation as a mother to be attentive to my child - and the Lord understands that it is not going to be perfect.

Same for you - in your vocation as a mother, your thoughts were with your child. The Lord knows and understands that.

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